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August 6th, 2017, 10:12 pm

SFC16 Notes!

General Stuff
Wow, that was a hard season to do. Not in terms of feedback, but as you saw with the challenges, I think this season takes the cake for highest quality in challenges. (I didn’t have the traditional Breath Holding Challenge). Blood vs Water, I think worked as a better alternative to Fans vs Canon. The format did have its own limitations, however in the end I am VERY Happy with how this season came out.

The Winner: Doris
With Blood vs Water as the theme, I knew that whoever was going to win would need to have a very good story connection with their loved one and have that play a significant part in their story, which is why that Final 9 vote with Brad sacrificing his game was such a pivotal moment for her and the story. It spared her from the looming threat of being in a power duo and also gave her the ability to act as her own.
I wanted Doris to be a believable player. From very early on she was a competent player and showed signs of how she would thrive in the endgame early on, and once she was on her own in Sarasa, it showed how she could operate alone and keep herself safe. However there were also the times where inexperience came into play such as Bonnie and the F11 situation, and that’s where it worked to show the teamwork with both her and Brad. Normally I don’t like to tie someone’s winner story to someone else, but in Blood vs Water, it was something that was needed. As they mentioned both of them had weaknesses the other could cover, and by the time Brad left, Doris was able to cover her faults on her own and thrive as a solo player in ways that he couldn’t.
When I was writing this season, I knew from the beginning I wanted one of the new players to take it, and due to several of them being early boots. The ones I did narrow it down to were coincidentally the last three loved ones in the game. Doris, Sierra and Bowser Jr. In the end, I felt Doris had the best story, since as I mentioned, the loved ones played a major role in the season, and Sierra/Junior both had strikes against them from the start. (Both with Sisters winning in SFC14, and the fact that I hadn’t had an applicant win Since SFC13.) And when examining the loved ones, which needed to play a role. Bradley also edged out Thorne and Bowser, so my choice was obvious, and fully stand by my decision here.

The Runner Up: Sierra
Wow, What a Roller Coaster she turned out to be huh? I’m not going to say that Sierra is Masterful game player, since she clearly did have her faults, hence why she didn’t win, however she isn’t a terrible player by any means. Since if Doris loses the Tiebreaker. She has Thorne, Brandi, Doris, and Brad’s votes. If Thorne uses her feminine charms on Angelo and gets his vote. Sierra is the winner of this season.
But back to the facts. Sierra was also someone I wanted to experiment with this season, since she had a troubled relationship with Thorne that was trying to do along with playing the game, and in the end, sticking by Thorne as much as she did ended up harming her game more than she likely thought possible.
Sierra is one of those players who did not handle the spotlight well, but since she came as a packaged deal with Thorne (At least to the others). She was always going to be the one people came to for votes, and no matter what she did every round she would have pissed someone off. Since her loyalties were completely divided. Her allies from her own game were on one side, while Thorne was on the other, and no matter who it is. It’s very unlikely for someone to pick a stranger you’ve known for a month over a family member. There were some scenario’s that were just a no win for her… Granted she could have played them much better, but it was still a rough hand for her, and she did shape the latter half of the game, despite her best efforts. I’ll be interested to see how the reaction to Sierra changes once this season has faded from the immediate forefront.

Third Place: Vinnie
Vinnie was one of the locks this season when I was coming up with everything, I felt that having him as a threepeater, along with his minor yet incredibly annoying daughter (Who would have always been out early) would have been a great play. I mentioned this with Bowser Jr. in his writeup, but with Vinnie, he and Junior were going to be close, a substituted mentor and student, one that Vinnie could see to the end this time, instead of facing a Med-Evac midseason like in SFC6. I feel that his appearance here was a great combination of his other two seasons. He had parts of both previous seasons appearances with him, but also having his softer side showing up from time to time.
This is not to say though that Vinnie is not without his faults. With how much of a legend he is in SFC, I did not want to have this season suddenly ignore all of his faults and make him into the perfect player. Vinnie does like to openly antagonize people, when he gets bored he gets abrasive. When he wins a battle, he likes to rub as much salt in the wound of whoever lost as possible. Now it’s fully possible to subdue those tendencies when you want, and as we saw, he did do that for much of the early part of the game, but after 3 weeks on the island, One starts to lose a façade they tried to play up, and for Vinnie, it unleased his antagonistic side, and was key in alienating votes like Damon and Angelo, and having Brandi vote for Sierra out of spite just to ensure that Vinnie gets 3rd place.
It might seem questionable to some that in Vinnie’s most likely final appearance (Since I don’t think I’ll do Fourpeats for anyone) he only ends up placing 3rd. But look at Vinnie throughout the season, especially early on. Vinnie’s goal was not to win, it was to never give up and make it to the end. He did that. He accomplished his goal. Vinnie doesn’t need the money. Even after Rosella left, it was all about proving to her, and others that he could make it to the end despite a lot being against him. And he did that.
The Beta Draft
From the beginning, not a lot changed from when I conceptualized the cast, since due to the BvW story, I knew 80% of my cast from Day 1. The only real exception was Tialayla and Riley. The “Young Dating Couple who went deep” That was the last pair to be cast. Initially I was considering casting some of the other earlier season players who I’ve yet to bring back. (Chaona and Betty for instance). However due to the fact that their seemingly don’t follow SFC anymore, it did not make as much sense to try and contact them for this spot, and use a more recent name.
As far as Bootlists go, there was some reshuffling I did end up doing. There was the initial “Who goes first. Damon or Angelo?” Where I eventually sided on Angelo, if only to give Damon some solo time, and not just with his partner. But also, the Final 3 Eliminations. Thorne, Riley and Junior were mixed up initially.

I had planned for after T left. Doris and Riley would have finally gotten Sierra and Thorne to Flip on Vinnie, and Junior, and Junior would have left in 6th place due to being a strong physical, and jury threat. Then Vinnie would play the Middle Man for the Two Pairs, and eventually side with Doris and Riley to split up Sierra and Thorne, leaving Thorne in 5th place. (Didn’t get as far as to justify why Thorne over Sierra in this case) Then Doris and Vinnie would betray Riley in 4th Place. However not only did this again leave a pair in until the last possible second, and leave the Final 5 round extremely predictable, but having Doris backstab Riley a day before she wins would have left a bitter taste in the mouth. (Almost like what Taro did to the others last season lol). So around the Episode 5 or 6 I realized it had to change and I made the changes to what we saw.
Barring any last minute mess ups with scheduling and other delays. I feel good about the progress I’m at for SFC17. I have a good portion of the plot figured out, a good number of archetypes I’ll be keeping in mind when I go through the applications, and a seasonal twist idea that I don’t think has been done before.
And I think that with the positive reception the Mushroom Kingdom received, We’ll be going somewhere else for this next season.


ChronoAlone, August 6th, 2017, 10:15 pm

Somewhere else? Man, so many possibilities.

Tailslover13, August 6th, 2017, 10:55 pm

This season is definitely one of your bests. Easily top 5 for me. Doesn't quite beat the cast of SFC3 or SFC13, and doesn't beat the phenomenal ending of SFC9, BUT it's definitely right next to SFC5 for being #4 or #5 place!

Niftyness, August 6th, 2017, 11:27 pm

Maybe you could, like, go to Total Drama Island, lol. Or the Big Brother house. Or space. A season in the stars would probably be cool, with Zero-G challenges and stuff. Already had something like that w/ this season and the final immunity but would be fun to play around with all the same.

Yumichika Time, August 7th, 2017, 12:49 am

Hey um SWSU, I know I kinda already said it bf during the Final Comic but you have ALL the Parts that I made for my Character's Submission together, since I do worry that you might have missed something that wasn't originally on the 1st part of the Application? So please let me know you have them ALL together if you do. Thank you, & I worked REALLY hard on this particular character as 1 of my Personal OCs.

P.S. You probably already knew this too but, seeing that I'm a BIG Sierra fan, I did get a SUPER satisfying ending that even w/ the Doris Win, Sierra EARNED that RU spot rightfully so (even if it's just out of SPITE against Vinnie from Brandi's POV, though they were good friends throughout the game).

Blastoise_FTW, August 7th, 2017, 9:13 am

HYPE for 17!

RedBeryl, August 7th, 2017, 7:25 pm

Nnnnnnngh. I have to wait? AGAIN?

I remember the last time; that took... well, not a long time or anything. But this season was worth the wait last time, so I can afford to be a LITTLE bit more patient.


Hmm. My guess... is another video-game land. Maybe Hyrule? Green Hill Zone? Those would probably be the most familiar places, although there are definitely other universes to possibly explore. Whether they're Survivor-friendly is another matter.

qazox, August 12th, 2017, 10:54 am

Wouldn't mind seeing Sierra come back to try to play on her own; and maybe get rid of some of the bad taste she left in everyone's mouth.

Other newcomers i'd like to see come back from this season only: Junior, Scott and Riley.

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