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June 7th, 2013, 10:02 pm

SFC11 Notes

General Stuff
And that is SFC11 for ya. Personally one of my favorites to write for. May not Top 3 and 9, but it was still a very fun season where pretty much everything worked right. I’ve had an idea in my head to do a season like this for quite a while, and I think I found a way to perfectly execute it. There is so much to say that pretty much goes back to the very beginning, so let’s get started with some of the details.
The Winner: Angel
Before I get to the actual character Angel. Just so you guys know, Angel was the LAST character cast for this season, in fact I think she was submitted just before I started finalizing the story, so it’s never too late to send in Apps and have the character do well.
Onto Angel herself though, I had a good feeling on how the opinions on her would go from. Either the common everyday snarky girl, or the smug arrogant bitch. And to be honest both of them have some validity to them. Angel is not a super positive character, but she was what I needed this season as a winner. Much like what Paine said to Eli in the Final Tribal Council. I was ALWAYS building up for an Editing (Eli) vs Logic (Angel) climax, and while I did for a time consider Ms. Moonshine to be a prime contender to win for quite a while. Angel fit the role just a bit better, since I needed someone who wasn’t going to be as efficient in turning the game around, and less obvious of a winner as well. While Artemis I felt would have either been too unrealistic to keep in the game after the merge, or too obvious the later in the game she got. With Angel there was always that thing in her that was a bit off… Which brings me too.
I decided to run an Experiment with Angel this time to see what would work. Because for winners I had planned to be undiscovered until much later like Cherman and Jackie, only to be figured out by you guys *Clap Clap*By like Episode 4. I was wondering if there WAS Something subconscious I was doing when writing for the winner to give them that edge. So for the first half of the Series I wrote the season as if Artemis was winning, then later as if Whitney was the winner. I deliberately went out of my way to not write Angel as the winner, and rather as just another player. And….. It worked.
Another thing I wanted with Angel. I wanted her to be someone who won without doing much of anything. Yes I know that was a big criticism of her, but I wanted something different. (And something that would throw Eli off). Angel never had a winning move, and that was intentional, since pretty much every winner has had some big accomplishment that got them the win. But for Angel, I wanted her win to be as simple as “She has 4 friends on the jury”.

The Runner Up: Eli The Star of the season no doubt… And MAN I would have been boned if he was hated by the audience since he played a MAJOR Role this season. But like most things that went right he was widely accepted once the game started. Interestingly enough…. Eli wasn’t always a big character when I was designing the story. Remember those Survivor Season Redo’s I did? SFC11 was largely based off one I didn’t submit. Thankfully most of the characters in that season were bland and uninteresting, I was able to easily change characters to my liking. But in that original Story…. Eli was 12th Place and Crisco was the runner Up. Resulting from Crisco turning on his alliance who followed him blindly, then fooled Sunflower into joining him.
However that scenario was kinda cliché’d and overdone with how he got to the end. And one day while working, It just occurred to me that Eli had A LOT more potential than I was letting him show off in that story, and the rest is history…. Or SFC11.
But No matter how much I enjoyed Eli as a character. I could never have him win, since he essentially was a God-Modder, even with his spazzy personality messing him up quite a bit. I couldn’t have him win. So I needed to figure out who he would lose, to at least give him a proper downfall, and again Paine spilled it before I did. Editing vs Logic. Eli relied CONSTANTLY on the Editing powers more and more as the season went on, much so to a point where he would see Paine as CPP and Angel as MORM, and not see any of their jury connections, which as Logic would say, Angel had 4 easily, but edgically her edit was mediocre at best (It was pretty much Flat MOR’s constantly with a few UTR’s at the start, and 1-2 CP’s at the end). I will hold in my headcanon that had Eli taken Paine to the end he probably would have beaten him. However it ended up being that the Ability that brought him so much power, blinded a part of the game that he needed to see.

The 2nd Runner Up: Sunflower To be honest, most of what can be said about Sunflower has already been said, so I’ll keep this one as short as I can. I’ve noticed that around the merge, there seems to be a point of familiarity hit between the readers and some characters since the dynamics do tend to get…. Complacent (Since it’s been about 75 comics by that point). So with Sunflower I wanted someone who would still shake things up and go through several phases to keep certain characters guessing, going from Meek, Shy and hating the game, to Fighting for her friends only, to Playing for herself to advance. And she worked there too doing all of that. So while she was never going to win, or play a stellar game. She was a GREAT Pony to write for.

The Beta Draft
- As mentioned Angel/Artemis switching roles
- Eli leaving premerge, and Crisco CPN’ing it to the Finals.
- The Three Stooges Varied a lot in their placing. Figuring out who to cut was harder than expected.
- Bit of a minor thing, but swapping post mutiny colors so that only the Mutineers stayed on the same tribe. If only to make it so Casey wasn’t the only Mariano boot XD

As I mentioned before there will be a Delay for 12, so it is not going to be coming out in the near future, but HOPEFULLY by the Time Blood vs Water starts. But in that season, we should have:
- 20 Contestants
- No Redemption Island
- The Return of a Popular Twist

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