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November 29th, 2012, 10:07 pm

SFC10 Notes

General Stuff
That is a wrap on SFC10. Personally I think it was a decent season, not one of the best or one of the worst, but at the end of the day I really have no regrets and things played out generally the way I wanted. Some aspects were a hit, others were not. I know some people were sour near the end, but you win some you lose some. Onto the Extra Stuff!

The Winner: Jackie
Before the season started, the first thing I had to do was pick a good winner, and of all the characters I was looking at for being cast he had the most interesting winning story. And like how I could disguise Cherman in an UTR/CP way, Jackie can be hidden in OTT/CP ways. Some people did get sick of him because he is loud, annoying, obnoxious, and an egomaniac…. But that’s just who Jackie is, if I didn’t have that going for him, I could have just picked a safer winner.

In the end, even though people were split on him, I have a feeling the Pro-Jackie People outnumber the Anti-Jackie people…. Just like on the jury.

The Runner Up: Minerva
Where do I begin with her. Probably the most famous SFC character, and even though I wasn’t able to say it outright. I think this Minerva has been featured enough to earn herself an honorary title of Fan Character, and after the first All Stars I wanted to give her a good closing for her story, however I could not have her win for Two very obvious reasons.
- Would have had the EXACT same arc as Heather did in TD, Megabitch in Season 1, Not given a chance in Season 2, Making it to the end in Season 3, and in Heathers case winning. That was just too similar for me to do. And….
- Just like how Boston Rob was given an extra shot over everybody to come back one more time as the most famous player. I couldn’t give Minerva a win, it wouldn’t have been as good of a conclusion IMO.

All Stars Seasons
When I was making this season, I knew by about half way through that it wasn’t the best season I had written and it took me a while to figure out why, and I think I finally got the idea.
- Fresher Faces work better. Its Survivor, the cast is supposed to change, after a good portion of a season with one character, you know a lot about them in the 2nd so there isn’t as much to discover.
- Along the same lines, a big complaint this season was lack of character development. Big reason there was very little was because most of it was explored the first time. The way All Stars seasons seem to be marketed and edited as are “The Best vs the Best” a competition of titans rather than “Let’s see what these new people do.” And learning about them.
- In every season there are main characters, and supporting characters. Obviously you know what each are, but when someone like Summer gets eliminated, whether you like the character or not is based in that season alone. While Oehda for example. Major Driving Force, Main Character in her first season. This time she had a supporting role, she had no ties to go deep in the game and no connections anywhere. When she got booted, all hell broke loose shortly after because Oehda was linked to her past edit as such a hellblazer, while if this was a standalone season, her boot would not have had as much backlash.
- I mentioned this before, and I’ll say it again, a thing that makes a character a success and memorable comes in two parts in Survivor. 1.) Personality; 2.) Situation. #1 Obviously can be replicated, but situation is very tricky because there a 3 options. Watered Down where the character loses their charm, Ruined Forever, where the character has to do something too weird for them, and on occasion the role works out and stays fresh. Characters like Chrii, Oehda, Adrian, Quadratic, Starr, Chloe, Phil had vastly different roles to fill than the first time, while Jackie, Baxter, Kris, Ventious, Ryuia had very similar positions as the first time at some point.
In short, All Stars seasons have their flaws that just come with the title. I won’t be doing another All-Stars for a good time until I think one could work, and how I can avoid the pitfalls and danger listed above.

The Beta Draft
- As Mentioned Frank and Adrian Switched Places
- Baxter in F4 over Ryuia, but then that was WAY too N even for me.
- Jackie having the Injury last from F8 onwards
- For a while everyone from 12-5th place were jumbled all over the place. There were some drafts with Emilee and Vent making it very deep.
- Originally it was Amatri coming back over Carbo until I saw Carbo had a better audience reaction. (Jo, Sanza, Frank, Madison, Brenton would have been there)
- And before carbo, there was no Retro Tribe, but a Misfit tribe of other players. From the tribes not selected. (Iraenus, Bonnie, Minerva, Betty/Skazz, and Baxter)
- Planned on a Final 3 at first, but it was satisfying to vote Bonnie off.

- 18 New Players, 9 Applicants, 9 of My Characters
- No Redemption Island
- The Players Affect the Game More Than Ever.


StarMan45, November 29th, 2012, 10:12 pm

Great job, excited for 11.

LandenMaster, November 29th, 2012, 10:20 pm

Yay for S11

QJD, November 29th, 2012, 10:52 pm

It was a good season, much better than I initially suspected after seeing some of the cast choices. Can't wait for 11, either.

I predict...hmm. A preview in March, perhaps?

SWSU-Master, November 30th, 2012, 3:10 am

Likely alot sooner

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