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March 23rd, 2012, 10:07 pm

SFC9 Notes

General Stuff
Well that’s SFC9 for ya. Personally I think its one of the better seasons, and after reading a lot of comments, I think you guys do as well. I do think that using a mixture of Applicants along with my characters is a good way to work from now one because it gives me at least some control over the story… if that makes sense. Because even though I am the author something’s that need to happen could be out of character for said player. But anyway onto the big stuff.
The Winner: Cherman
Overally I’d place Cherman in my top 3 favorite winners to write for. I was really going for an UTR winner with him. I had attempted it with Ker, but her tribes losing streak made her more and more visible. But Cherman always had someone to take the spotlight off of him.
Also with Cherman I wanted to break a trend I had been setting with the other winners. Trends broken include;
- Winning an Immunity Challenge
- Having a big move under their belt going into the jury vote
- Staying on their original tribe in a swap
- Confessional in Episode One
Along with those there were also MANY Hints that Cherman was the winner throughout the season which I will get into during the Edgic chart thingy.

The Runner Up: Tofuchao
A common complaint with him is that he never did anything memorable. Part of that was him just being overshadowed by his alliance, but the other reason for that was I needed Cherman to be able to beat someone once Prescilla was doomed. Because even though it was an epic downfall. If Cherman was up against anybody else he would have had 2nd Place. Tofu was the only person Cherman could have realistically beaten.
The Bitch: Prescilla aka Bonnie
Ah yes Bonnie. The main villain of the season. I’ll just cut to the chase and say this. Bonnie is a horrible person. If I thought of any random idea to make her more despicable I added it in. Almost became a bit of a joke to me to see how ridiculously evil I could get her. (Almost considered having her be a Neo Nazi but never had time to bring it in). And every complaint everyone ever had about her…. They were all planned.
Even though she was still loved by some, I wanted her to be generally hated so aside from the other things to make her a bitch (Racism, Sexism, Homophobic) I wanted to make her appear as Sue-ish as possible. I wanted people to get sick of her, which thankfully did happen. Because I didn’t want the Russell Fan Factor with her. Where a major villain gets loved, because I had planned for her downfall to be the defining moment in the season, and for that to happen I needed it to be satisfying. And what better way to make people root against someone other than make them….. evil and rotten and hated. So that was the plan. And even if you got sick of her. Good, that was the plan.
The Beta Draft
I did not change too much this season, but there are some things.
- Madisons look was originally planned for Prescilla, but it seemed to… tough girl for her. So I went the pink and blonde route.
- Tofuchao was originally going to be Prescilla’s sidekick but Starr just fit that role so much better
- Prescilla was going to take Starr’s role in Episode 2 as Gretchens bitch, but that was a bit too similar to Lauren/Ker. And I would have to put her in the spotlight too early
- The Voice Recording Oshit moment was either going to happen when it did, or right after the Jury Questioning, and played seconds before they voted. I chose the first idea so that the jury could bash her first.
- Aleksan was originally going to be medically evacuated.
- Kathy and Jocasta’s placings were switched.
- Robert and Donovan’s feud would have gone on longer, but I thought by episode 8 it was starting to get stale.

As I have stated before its gonna be a while for it to come out. School was hectic in the previous quarter and I am just now starting Episode 1. So it will be delayed. But it WILL Happen. But among the things to look forward too.
- One World, Four Tribes.
- No Redemption Island
- An All Star Cast
- A twist that will change how the game is played


JETTEJ, April 1st, 2012, 12:30 pm

How many players will be on SFC10 and what's the title of it?
(P.S. I hope Skazzatrazz is in it!)

qazox, April 14th, 2012, 1:09 am

I doubt Skazz will make another appearance.

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