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July 31st, 2018, 10:06 pm

SFC17 Notes

General Stuff
So the season is over and we have the winner. I gotta say this a very interesting season for me. One thing that I did feel a little off about 16 was… it felt almost too safe. Not that it was bad at all, but I wanted things to take some more risks this season, and while maybe not every twist worked out. With the number of things I experimented with. Not all would be winners. But enough were that I’m happy with the end result… and I would most likely put this season in my Overall Top 5 due to how happy I am with how everything came together and all of the happy little accidents along the way.

The Winner: Ollie
Yep. Ollie the Otter is the winner. Feels weird even writing that. But yes, he’s the winner. From Day 1 I knew that I wanted a certain type of winner. I wanted 1.) Someone that could be negative 2.) Someone who LOOKED Like Early Boot Fodder 3.) Someone who ACTED Like Early Boot Fodder. This was the season where the Joke character found their footing and won. But to do that I needed to ensure several things were done. They could not be a sympathetic underdog, and they needed to have an established period where their game was so poor. People would discount them from winning due to that.
I understand that one of the criticisms against Ollie is that he was inactive for the first 3.5 episodes, and while that is a valid complaint it was also…. Something I had to do. Since to have the story of the Joke Character winning, they need to be ESTABLISHED as a Joke Character. It was important that I show Ollie’s growth in a way that details what happened every step of the way. Which is why him, Jenny, and Amadeus’s character archetypes were the first ones cast for the season. Every single change that happened with Ollie to change his development. I needed to highlight that. From showing off the EX-Machina’s powers, To Jenny’s liking of him, to him getting zapped, to finally him getting the motivation to play to win. Every single step of Ollie’s Journey was shown. (And even as far back as Episode 4 I felt there were big signs that “OLLIE AND JENNY ARE GOING TO BE FINAL THREE!” But due to nobody considering Ollie at that point, his edit was just chalked up to an OTT2 and quickly moved onto the others.
Like I mentioned with Mele, Ollie was another character who could go from a silly side character to a story driver depending on what was needed. And like her, I had so much fun coming up with lines for him, since first thing to know about Ollie is he doesn’t give a shit. So he’ll say things that few others would say, and while obviously humor is subjective. I’ll get into this more at the end when I get into some more behind the scenes things. But Ollie’s personality REALLY Did make things interesting, and he is one of the shining stars of this season… Regardless of how you feel about him, he added a lot to this season. And for a winners story. I couldn’t be happier, ended up even better than I planned.

The Runner Ups: Jenny and Josh
So since I did Ollie, its only fitting that I do Jenny next… since honestly. This was her season. The story was basically told the entire time from her perspective. On the Journey through SFC17. Jenny was the lead character, and I honestly did not expect to find a character that fit what I was looking for so perfectly. When I was doing the initial planning for the season.
The Inventor character, which turned into Jenny was one of the characters who I assumed “Okay this is going to be an SWSU Character. There’s no way an app is going to check every single box I need.” But then…. I saw the App and it was absolutely perfect. When I said I really lucked out with the Apps this season… Jenny is one of the biggest examples why. But, I’m so glad I went with Jenny because the more I learned about her, the more began to make sense for the season as a whole, and I was easily able to start putting more pieces together.
I knew very early on how I wanted the story to end, partially due to the Blowback of SFC16, where once the Final Juror was voted off the winner was obvious and nothing was going to change…. So I made it a point for SFC17 to completely blow that out of the water. Now the thing with Jenny that I suspected, and was later proven right on… is she is such a well-designed character in personality, design and backstory that she would be SUCH An obvious winner pick, and sure enough. Even before the season started. People were already thinking Jenny was one to watch, so I knew she would be the perfect decoy, especially once the endgame came around and she would be the only “Viable Winner.”
And from the details I heard about Jenny from the app, as well as Akuma’s own words about her, the path she would take in the Final Tribal Council… in her mind to save herself, but in reality sealing her fate… was decided. In her fear of the jury not allowing villains to win, she shut herself off from all responsibility of her moves she made during the game… Thus dooming her in the exact opposite way that she envisioned. Since while she does have her villainous tendencies, she generally hid them well this season, and even when they came out… were not villainous in a way that would have cost her.
Clearly there might be some controversy about “Jenny only flopped so Ollie could win.” Which…. I mean kinda yeah. It was in the story from the start, so in a way everyone lost so that Ollie could win. Its just how these written seasons go, and its also not like there can be a bunch of foreshadowing that’s going to happen. Since if I threw in hints throughout the season that Jenny would bomb in the Final Vote and lie through her teeth… It would have been obvious she’d lose, and the decoy part of her edit would be destroyed. The only thing I could do was highlight her insecurities over being viewed as a villain in the context of the game, due to the stigma it carried with her. But Jenny was an amazing character, and someone who this season DRASTICALLY needed to work, and she delivered pretty much everything I could have asked for. Can’t say enough great things about her.

Then Finally the last of the Finalists, Josh. I know he’s controversial, but that’s not what I’m going to get into now. Josh was a very peculiar character to write for in that so much had already been established with him as a character before even applying to SFC, so there felt like… moreso than other characters there was much more attention needed to keep them in character. Since due to the situation with his owner. One of the last things I wanted was to butcher his character and become the bad guy. So while he had some controversial bits in his character. In my opinion it was better to let him be judged for what his creator established rather than what things I might try and add. And while this did work, it did come with its own challenges.
One of the things I now ask on the application is… “What is Off Limits for the character” And it was made very clear to me that Josh throughout the course of this season would not get over his issues concerning his self-esteem. There was no room for personal character growth in that regard, so for Josh, I found that he worked best bouncing off others. Whether it was Tony, Raiza, Mele, Parmesan or Ollie. His Dynamics with them and how their relationships did change throughout the season were when I felt he was at his best and could show development. Only when we started to reach the endgame did I see that his relationships begin to stagnate due to the status quot being established in the Final 7 round, and since the ability to tackle his self-worth issues were off the table, I decided to explore another aspect of him that’s very much there, and since we were heading to the endgame with Josh as a Finalist who came up short, it would be a way to Segway his story into an easily explained loss in the end.
Overally I do think that Josh is a good character with a well thought out backstory, however there were times that he seemed that he was too established and set, and being unable and unwilling to grow and evolve as a character. But the potential is there for some real growth, and further development. Since nobody or no character is ever truly static, nobody is destined to be a loser, but its up to Josh to find a way to change his fate, and I think that’s very doable.

The Beta Draft
So I did have some minor bootlist alterations (Such as switching Joy and Quickscope. And the 12th-9th placers) Most everything stayed the same. With the changes only coming to offer more character development for those that got more time in the spotlight that they put to good use.
The main change though is that…. Ollie, like the season 15 winner… was not originally the winner…. In fact he wasn’t even on the season. I went through all of the Apps once I figured an animatronic would be the best way to pull off a Joke Winner….. And on both dA and SJ I did not find a single one. So I basically accepted that I would need to make the Animatronic character for my 10th spot and made them…. And once the sheet was done… I talked to Minty (Ollie’s owner) on a whim, and mentioned this to him… and apparently he thought he sent in an app like that, but as luck would have…. This was the 1% of the time the note actually DIDN’T Send and never made it to my inbox. So He showed me the app, and like Jenny, it was a perfect fit. My character was scrapped, and Ollie was brought on board, and he NEVER had any idea that he sniped the winner position on a whim. Aside from a small rundown of the plan early in the game (The Inactive Killer Mode) which was “OK’d” easily. Things went on without a hitch. And compared to the person I had… Ollie is so much better than the concept of a character I had.

SFC18 and the Reunion Show
Like always, unsure about when SFC18 will debut, but I do have a concept in mind for it… whether it holds or not though will depend on how the casting goes, but if all goes well hopefully things should be rolling along on schedule with a brand new location to boot.
Also like I mentioned in the Finale Page… There WILL be a Reunion Mini Episode in a little bit. I’m going to post another Journal in a day or two where you can post questions or things you want addressed in there. So expect that soonish… And I’ll see ya then with the pages!

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