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March 5th, 2014, 10:30 pm

SFC12 Notes

General Stuff
Well that’s SFC12. Overally, I liked it. I don’t feel like it was a Top 3 season up to par with SFC3, 9, and 11, but I also think its far from the worst. I’d put in in the 5th to 7th range overall. There were aspects I liked, but other things that while I experimented didn’t turn out so well. Plus the fact that I had to pretty much start over from my initial concept hindered me a bit. But all in all. I’m satisfied.

The Winner: Lola
When casting this season I had two things in mind when I was going to select a winner. Either a Fan that hit all the notes I wanted for the endgame. Or a canon. Since SFC4 was a long time ago, I was toying with the idea of having a Canon win for a while now, and when I decided to have this season have the Fans vs Canon theme. Lola seemed to fit the bill perfectly, because she was not the canon that people would expect to take home the gold, and even if she was suspected (Like some of you did early on.) There would always be those moments of doubt that either came from her personality, position, or her status as a Canon.
Also I did want there to be that situation where the jury really doesn’t want to vote for anyone. Since I had Kim in the mix, I tried to show that she was heads and shoulders above everybody else when it came to strategy (From F6 onwards), and that the jury was ready to vote for her to win, but then when she gets taken out. You’re left with 3 people who really don’t have any moves behind them other than the final logical move to take out the mastermind. And in Survivor there isn’t that perfect winner who you want to vote for. This season I wanted the jury’s factor in deciding a winner to be “All of their games have major flaws. Who do we want to win more?” Which is why Lola and Spongebob were the top 2. They fit that perfectly. Terrible Gameplay, but nice people that the jury would be content voting for.
Runner Ups: Spongebob and Shelby
Since Spongebob placed 2nd I want to start with him first. He was one of those characters that, even though I could never explain why. I always thought he’d be fun to have in a Survivor Story, just because he was so…. Spongebobby. Nice, Innocent, but Naïve as heck. I’m REALLY happy with how things ended up with him, since early on nobody was excited for him, but by the end he was pretty popular.

Shelby on the other hand. Other than Uri, was the only fan to survive the beta draft, and coincidentally fit into the Final 3 here when in the prior version…. She did much worse. Very low key early on because I knew she would become a player once Kim’s opposition started leaving, and it worked very well into her “Lazy HBIC Kitty” personality, but also with that, it was clear that of all the fans other than maybe Yvonne, she would be the easiest one to lose in a jury vote, but at the same time, have her not be completely eliminated from contention because she has a solid strategy, and despite being UTR, it was explained WHY she was UTR for pretty much the entire premerge. Just didn’t win her any favors with the potential jurors.

The Story
With what I had for the endgame, there was one story that I knew would work well here. The Mastermind leading a herd of goats to the Finale, which as I explained with Kim, had issues from the start. Mainly that I needed the dominant alliance to be liked enough so that they didn’t become universally hated once they took out the opposition. While Kim was there for the endgame to control the votes from Cleo to Yvonne. Having her control the votes for the entire game wasn’t something that seemed right.

So to balance that, I needed a character that would take out the other power threats earlier (Phoenix, Foxxy, Eric etc) without Kim, but also be one that would eventually lose to the majority alliance in the end. Like him or not. That goal was accomplished. When Enter left, the Majority alliance was viewed very favorably. The last thing I wanted was for people to sympathize with Enter. Which is why the Early parts of the merge was so Black and White with the sides. It needed to be Good vs Evil almost for the endgame to work the way I wanted. But I will also admit there were times that I feel I did botch the execution of Enter. (Episode 8 mainly, possibly pushing the Merge back an Episode, and have Sharker be an early betrayal).

But yeah, those were the things I wanted to cover here. If there is anything else you want to ask/yell at me about. I’ll answer again (Now that the seasons over I can answer pretty much anything…. EXCEPT)

The Beta Draft
Yeah, The Beta for this season is hardly recognizable from what you saw. The only returning Players who were in this season were: (Uri: 17th, Shelby: 9th). Not going to reveal much else, but there are parts of the story I may keep for later seasons possibly.

I’ll be honest. Schools been kicking my ass, and along with battling a nasty bug I got the past 2 weeks. Expect the same general wait between what we had with 11 and 12. I have the basic story idea and several Cast members chosen. But that’s it. Spring break is coming in a few weeks so hopefully then I can get into gear and start working.


Landis963 (Guest), March 6th, 2014, 9:04 pm

So where (and when) should we send in character auditions? I'd assumed we'd do it between seasons, but you already have several members casted already.

SWSU-Master, March 23rd, 2014, 12:02 am

You can send them anytime actually

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