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February 21st, 2011, 11:05 pm

SFC7 Notes about the Finale and Season

General Stuff
Well SFC7 is over, and I really hope it entertained you and that the Final outcome was acceptable. I knew when planning that this would be a very surprising season in turns of twists. I got some criticism due to the Idols being pulled out of midair, which I will talk about later. But it added unpredictability to the whole mix, and that’s one element that Survivor needs in it.

The Finalists
I am glad she won, and she was the winner that was my prediction to win it all when I decided on the fan vote. Ker will get criticism for not being the smartest and savviest players ever, but that’s exactly what I planned. After 6 seasons of competent winners, I felt someone who didn’t play a super game won. And what she lacked in gameplay she had a mass load of personality to make up for it. She was without a doubt one of the most entertaining characters to write for in this season. When I needed a funny story, I simply placed my brain on cruise control and typed.
The only thing I slightly worried about with her was that she was so eccentric, that I didn’t know close she was to her intended personality, and sorry Froggy if she was too Out of Character, but she was a blast to write for.
Wrecker was the Ying to Ker’s Yang. Everything that Ker was he wasn’t, and everything he was Ker wasn’t. He played a stronger game but wasn’t as memorable in the early to mid-parts of the game. Yes he was the intended loser of the season, but I do have a comic where Wrecker did in fact win and it would have been posted if he did in fact win the poll. I did not expect him to win, but in case there was a mass revolt against Ker, I was ready.
As for a character, Wrecker actually brought more to the story than I thought he would initially. In fact the Challenge explosions were pure improve after it seemed like something he would do. And also the ever controversial Idol move was a whole lot duller, but around Episode 8 I realized that Wrecker would be able to do so much more with that. Like Ker he was able to write for himself at times.

The Tie Vote
I knew, and wasn’t surprised to find out that the tie didn’t sit easy for some people, and it is a legit complaint. But the idea actually came after Survivor Samoa where Russell was whining about the fan vote, and a strong point was made that the edits would determine the winner and it would be too biased. So that was the problem that needed to be fixed. Ker and Wrecker needed identical edits.
- Both of them got the exact same Edgic ranking Each Episode (With Ker P and Wrecker N)
- Both had the same number of confessionals in each episode
- Ker’s social skills were highlighted while her strategy failures were pointed out
- Wreckers strategic game was highlighted, and social game bashed.
- In each episode they spoke almost the same amount (As in within two sentences every time)
- (Not concerning the edit) Both were pointed out by the last member voted off of the opposing tribe, when everyone else was mentioned by a member of the same tribe.
So when they were put up to the vote, there was no bias, there was a clear choice, Wrecker or Ker, and both had their faults to turn people off. For Wrecker it was the Idol Burning, and for Ker it was the Underdog Immunity Run. And I wager each one of those cost Ker and Wrecker a vote or two.
Also there will probably NEVER be another Fan Vote in future seasons. And I knew this from the start; this was a one time thing, only for this season. The rest of the seasons will have only 1 ending.
The Beta Draft
As with every season there was a beta draft, in which things did change a lot.
- Wrecker was always in the Final 2 once he was cast. But Ker was fighting in a three way battle between Bo and Betty. Betty wasn’t chosen due to the fact she’d be too competent to win, and I sided with Ker because I felt she many colorful moments to offer.
- Bo and Driz were once switched in the bootlist, but it was changed when I couldn’t think of a reason why they’d vote Bo out before Driz.
- Had I backed out and decided to not add Russell, Skazzatrazz would have taken his spot and either Jasen would say something stupid and go home early in his place, or an uncast person would take the fall.
- Ryuia/Chloe/ Dinah changed places A LOT in the story. But always 9,8 or 4th.

They had the biggest effect on this season than any others. And I did draw some criticism from not showing them being found, but frankly I don’t regret doing it at all. Had I shown them being found, or revealed who had them, the vote would have been writing on the wall, and if I have a choice between that and complete surprise. I’m taking the surprise.

SFC8 I can tell is going to be a very fun season. I’ve almost finished Episode 7 and everyone in the cast develops their own personality really quickly compared to other seasons, and I’m hoping it will be a success XD
- There are 16 Contestants in two tribes
- They are from 12 New series, and 4 returning ones.
- A Brand new twist that will add a whole new level of gameplay to the competition

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