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August 15th, 2010, 2:17 am

SFCAS Notes About The Finale

General Stuff
And so SFC All Stars is over, and to be honest, I really think its in the top two seasons I’ve done in terms of everything combined. One thing I want to say now, with Kala losing against one of my characters, just know in the future. There won’t be another situation like FvC where only the Applicants have a possibility to win, from now on anyone can with whether they’re my character or not. Anyway onto the details!

The Winner
Bitsy, Bitsy, Bitsy… Very few drafts were done that Bitsy wasn’t the winner once I had the cast 90% figured out. She just seemed like the one that could have a good story and had more to offer than we saw in Season 2. Last season Bitsy was the victim to Mary and later Vinnie so she was bound to be popular, this time she was in the majority for almost the whole game, so she couldn’t be the underdog. Therefore she was bound to lose a lot more fans. (Especially when she started playing hard in the midgame). Although I do think the Bitsy hate got a bit overboard at certain times.

I also had to make her a bit more negative this time since if she stayed at her P level from SFC2. It was a textbook Mary Sue: Super Positive Girl Plays the game hard and gets what she wants to happen and then wins in the end. No, that was a disaster, so in order for her to still have the strategy part stay, she needed to be put through a bad phase. She had to break down and get disliked by a majority of the cast. It wasn’t going to be a clean battle, it was going to be long and painful for her, but she would still win.

Editing her was weird because by Episode 4 in making the season I realized she was getting way too obvious, so pretty much I had to make her go UTR until her hardball game started which then I hoped people would hop on the “Story of how Bitsy loses” bandwagon. (Oh yeah another thing people noted. In the Mid Episodes Bitsy had a weird pattern of being invisible in the whole episode but then appearing in the Pre TC comic and deciding the vote. My reasoning was, if I showed her any more, she would have as much screen time as Russell) There was a big difference though between her and Baxter. Baxter backstabbed for the sake of it. Every single one of Bitsy’s betrayals was explained and would benefit her in the game. And for Amy and Violet she was forced to fold.

The Runner Up
And now for Kala. To tell you the truth the runner up position was the last spot filled and had the most possible candidates for it. But once I had the 4 per season thing going Kala was the obvious choice, it was also helped by Craig and GM leaving early so someone would need to be the late game crazy person.
I always assumed that edgically speaking it would come down to Bitsy and Wendy in the finals with Kala being eliminated long before. But once Bitsy started becoming too obvious I had to throw a decoy hint out. And who else to bring up as a possible winner than the other finalist. (Also around this time I was working on Violets boot, and it was around that time when I started dropping Kala wins story points.)
I did not expect that she would get so much support though, I expected her to be like the distant 3rd choice. But in quite a few episodes she was really close to being the #1 edgic pick. So sorry for trying to trick anyone with Kala, but I needed to get the attention off of Bitsy. I don’t have much else to say about Kala except she was very good for the filler comics where something not affecting the story had to happen. So thank you Kala, Happystick, Omay, and Kevin for that.

The Beta Draft
Of everyone in the story, once they were picked; Minerva, Beth, Gatemaster, Vinnie, Al, Hogan, Norman, Kala and Bitsy never changed their end position. But the others had a bit different drafts.
Maria: In some drafts (Very Early) She was in the girl alliance and was 4th in Lucky’s spot.
Craig and Charlie: Just swapped boot spots.
Mary: Made Final 3, but was voted off there.
Amy: Idoled by Joe at the Final 7-8
Sin: Take out Pre Merge again thanks to Popper
Violet: Runner Up in quite a few drafts.
Popper: Taken out Pre Merge directly after taking out Sin
Joe: Was the last guy standing and was 5th place instead of 6th.
Lucky: 7th place.
Wendy: In a showmance and taken out In the same episode as her partner ala Joe and Popper.

So far I’m liking SFC7, it starts out a lot stronger than the other seasons have, I’m finishing Episode 7 right now and hopefully the quality stays up there for the later Episodes.
- 20 in the most diverse cast, are competing for the million.
- One of the most divided tribes in Survivor History.
- Blunders and Brilliant moves all around.
- And a surprise nobody will expect.


AnXjak, August 15th, 2010, 3:27 am

Aw, I was hoping to enter a character for sfc7. Oh well, I'll just read it when it comes out. Sounds like fun already :P

AkumaTh, August 15th, 2010, 8:02 am

I'm glad you decided to break Lucky's 7 Curse this season.

Great season overall. Next season sounds awesome so far.

Eternal Cry, August 16th, 2010, 1:35 pm

YAY! I submitted my character about halfway through SFCS5, I hope she got in!

mydoctor93, November 11th, 2010, 2:46 am

Did you not choose Violet as runner-up because it would have then been a replica of Rob and Amber in All-Stars??

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