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January 26th, 2010, 7:00 am

SFC5 Notes about the Finale

General Stuff
SFC5 has reached its conclusion, and we have the most polarizing winner yet. And in my opinion one of the most interesting winners I’ve had. I enjoyed this season, but I think for future seasons I’ll do mixes of my own characters plus fans characters. I gotta say the one thing that continuously is hard on me, is having to bite my tongue on what everyone says, so sometimes I try and steer the people that are right in the wrong direction, and wrong ones in the right direction. But still I have to speak in vague generalities for the whole season as to not spoil much.

The Winner
As I said in the first bit Marius may not have been the most likable winner, but he was VERY entertaining and that is one of the key Criteria in picking a winner, they need “Oomph” to them, to help them win. I chose him as the winner over my two other picks Amy and Maria because like I mentioned with Jessica and Audrey, I felt it was a little braver to audition with a villain instead of a hero. So while that didn’t seal the deal for Marius it did help.
His Character was pretty much identical to a future winner I had in mind just from the application alone (In fact the only thing that I changed was the age, Marius was a bit younger than the other guy, but it turns out that worked better for him) .
Marius was the culmination of all of my favorite Reality show Villains, he had the evil charm of Dr. Will, The Isolationism of Randy Bailey, The Verbal Lashings like Evel Dick, and the strategy skills somewhat near Richard Hatch. But I made sure to make him a winning villain, not a villain that needs a fall. The key things I did to keep from reaching the “Vile” Category for villain. A.) He did not bully weaker people (Greg and Mo were his targets, unlike others who’s victims were Bitsy, Chaona etc) B.) I gave him a VERY positive ally to draw some of his negativity away as opposed to more negative characters C.) He did not have Positive opposition, with other villains that have a OTT/CPP character to root for, I made an effort to not make Greg a main hero, in fact there were some episodes in the end where he was quite M. So all of Greg’s support was on his character, not the editing.
There is so much else I can say about Marius but I’ll save it for if you have any questions about him or any objections you have that still is unclear.
The Runner Ups
Miranda: I’m calling her 2nd Place since she would have beaten Gatemater in a Final Two. I don’t mean to offend Masteroftheives by saying this but Miranda was the Mick of the Final 3, she had great edgic stats, but she had no story that tied into the main overall plot other than being the boss of the majority, so she didn’t really have a shot in my eyes. (Although I’m glad she had a lot of support, first time that the majority picked the wrong winner).

Gatemaster: Like Russell this season revolved around Gatemaster, nobody thought on Day 1 or even 18 that he would control the entire game. But like Sugar and Dreamz who did the same thing, none of them got the respect from the jury. Gatemaster was an applicant for SFC4, but there were some issues: A.) I already had a basic story in mind and Gate would have been an early boot and B.) Who the hell would his Canon Character have been?
Again there is ALOT to say about both of these two, if you have any questions at all please ask I’d be glad to finally answer.
The Beta Draft
SFC5 went through the most changes out of any season I’ve done yet. Here are some of the things that were altered:
- Amy won and Marius Placed 5th (AMG’s plan would have worked, then the finale went the same way as it did before)
- Amber was not originally in the cast, she was a last minute addition so I had to rewrite the early boots. The boot order was (My Character I would Sneak in, Victor, MTL, Renny……)
- Tsukkin would have been part of Jango, and Renny Caposhir.
- I did not know about Mo at all until halfway through the first episode was done (Because SOMEONE left it out of the application)
- Also for like 1 day I had Maria as the winner, but after Mo was revealed I was like “Yeah I think I made the right choice this season”
- Greg and Victor switched Roles, Victor was exiled and Greg was the 2nd boot. But this was changed when I realized Victor would be seen as a bully victim making the future winner in a very bad light.
I know there are things that slipped my mind in writing this, but again ask if you have any questions.
Anyway onto the next Season, It is indeed an All Stars. Already working on Episode 7 And I think it can top SFC3 as the best.
- 20 All Stars, 4 from Each Season, 4 Pre Merge Boots, 2 Finalists, 5 That made the Final 4, 9 Jurors that voted for the Winner.
One Castaway makes Survivor History Early On.
- Old Friendships and alliances are Reborn, Others destroyed
- Some very Unusual alliances, in friends and romance.
- Everybody is on their A Game….. Except the ones that never had a game.


AkumaTh, January 26th, 2010, 8:04 am

Sounds exciting. Can't wait for that to being being released.

AnXjak, January 26th, 2010, 4:06 pm

Sneaky ¬.¬

RogerBDude, January 27th, 2010, 4:39 pm

Cool! Can't wait to see who is in All-Stars!

Coconut_Man, January 28th, 2010, 2:00 pm

Just one question, why did Phoenix vote for GM? Didn't GM vote Phoenix out?

SWSU-Master, January 28th, 2010, 4:56 pm

Phoenix voted Gatemaster for two reasons one was for the game, the other was for story

Game: Phoenix probably heard GM was the one who voted him out, and maybe like Erik to Natalie he repayed Gate.
Story: Gate was the only option. Marius couldnt get 4 votes, and if Phoenix voted Miranda she would have won.

Coconut_Man, January 29th, 2010, 12:35 pm

Ah. Thanks for clearing that up.

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