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July 24th, 2009, 1:08 pm

SFC4 Notes About the Finale

General Stuff
Well, SFC4 is done, and I hope I didn’t completely alter their personalities for the owners of the characters, I hope I got them fairly close.

The Winner
Let me talk about Barney some. I chose him to be the winner because he met a lot of requirements I was looking for in a winner this time. I was looking for a Challenge threat to win this time (Since none of the past 3 were very good at Challenges). I also needed someone who would have an interesting dynamic with their canon character, and Lilly was an interesting enough character to work with.
Concerning Barney and Lilly, a constant theme in the season was they hated each other, but neither would have made it to the end on their own. They were saved directly or indirectly by the other
Ep. 7: Barney saves Lilly, obviously
Ep.8: Since Lilly stayed, she found the idol, which caused Marc to target Bulma instead of the Physical threat
Ep 9: Barney would have been out here by a normal 5-4 vote, or would have been taken out by the idol if Lilly was gone. Since Lilly took the fake Idol from him
Ep 12: Lilly saves Barney, completing the circle

The only problem with Barney was I knew he would be the fastest pegged winner (Ellise and Montana were meant to pop up on peoples radar at F7-8, and Sky was hidden until the F3). While I felt Barney could be identified as the winner easily in the premerger. So in the post merge time, I did everything I could to get him off peoples radars, it was weird but making him being a super obvious winner was a great way for people to discount him I heard “Too Obvious to Win” a lot, which I think worked pretty well until Chaona, who was the main competition for him left, which by then I was expecting it to be obvious he would win. (Which is why I didn’t make the vote close)

In the planning I knew Barney wouldn’t be a super fan favorite like Montana or Hogan, but I wanted the general opinion of him to be one that isn’t real OTTP, but still a likable character that would be an acceptable winner. I realize there may be some dislike for him because he won instead of one of the snarky OTT girls like Minerva, Lilly, and Kala. But I need variety in winners, and Barney was way different from the rest. The reason I didn’t make Barney an Over the Top Crazy character was because that wasn’t how he was described as. I don’t think it would be good to completely alter someone’s own character to make them super funny. (Although Barney did have his moments).

The Runner Up
For as little he was shown. Luke practically dominated the game after the merge due to being Luke.
All the people voted off because of Luke; Jez, Bulma, Marc, Joe, Kala, and Lilly
Luke was one of those characters that didn’t need to be shown for him to have his presence seen and noticed, which is why he treaded on the UTR area for almost the whole game. And BTW in the start he used the word Knave, I know it was the wrong term, but it was what was told to me. In my opinion Luke’s story was a successful story, just not a winning story. I’m also surprised like I was with Alex with how much late game support Luke got.
The Jury Votes
Marc- Voted for Barney because he was a little angry at Luke, and he felt Barney played a better game
Joe- Barney played a better game
Knux- Saw Luke as a pure follower
Kala- May not have liked Barney, but he did plead his case at the FTC
Minerva- Barney made Lilly’s life hell
P. Bear- No one knows what he thinks
Chaona- Barney was a close friend
Lilly- Hated Barney, but they were allies

The Canons
I think it was clear from the start that none of the Canons would win, but I still liked pulling the wool over your eyes, with that. Fans vs Favorites? Ha! You’ll have to wait for Season 6 for All Stars. One interesting thing I didn’t notice until I started posting was there was something interesting about the first four boots. The canons that I didn’t pick from the applications, didn’t make the switch together as a duo. Sephiroth and Shiki weren’t chosen, and Pikachao (Ella) and Roaltyx (Jez) didn’t put down Bulma and P. Bear for their canons. But when I was doing a rough sketch of the season I had the types I wanted, and I had several other candidates from each season
The Tough Villain that leaves Ep 1: Sephrioth, Wesker, Shadow, Owen (Although wouldn’t be a villain)
The Quiet Early Boot Girl: Shiki, Kairi, Cream
Rebecca was an automatic lock due to Julia and me needing all the girl characters I could get.
The Med Evac: Trent, Cody
The Useless Girl: Bulma, Rouge, Lindsay
The Alpha: Riku, Cloud, Duncan, Sonic
The Idiot: Knuckles, Goofy,
The Villain: Minerva, Heather
Over The Top Guy: P. Bear. Sonic,
Lilly was also a lock.

So far I am at Episode 7, and won’t start posting until I get a few jurors seated, so it may be a while, but HOPEFULLY before Samoa starts.
Things to come in it:
- A Massive twist that affects the game from Day 1 to Day 39
- A Very Interesting cast of 17 Fans
- Some of the best Hero and Villain characters in SFC
- And of course blindsides

Again if there was anything that I havent answered, please ask.


Coconut_Man, July 24th, 2009, 4:26 pm

Will there be a SFC6?

SWSU-Master, July 24th, 2009, 5:15 pm

Yes, and it will be an All Stars

Coconut_Man, July 24th, 2009, 6:08 pm


Guest, August 2nd, 2009, 3:38 pm

Whose Heather? The villain that could've replaced goddess Minerva

SWSU-Master, August 7th, 2009, 9:06 am

The Main Bad Girl From Total Drama Island

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