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January 31st, 2009, 6:12 am

SFC3 Notes

Well Survivor Fan Characters 3 is over, and I am really glad with how it turned out, and I hope you all liked it, and Thank You again for reading it all.

The Sole Survivor.
After 2 seasons of the master player winning I wanted a winner who did not have any power. For Sky and Ellise there were certain things that they did to show that they would win, however for Montana it was what she DIDN’T do that made her win.

-She never once was in power or in control of the game.
-She never joined Baxter’s alliance, which was the kiss of death, and anyone who aligned with him would not win
-She never once acknowledged Marty’s lie every other person at the Merge had at some point said something that showed they fell for it.
-She was the ONLY one not to get the car in the Car Challenge, which as a Survivor fan would know, if you get a car, you don’t win the game.

Also I wanted to make Montana a likable Mary like Character, I put her and Hope on Pambar so that you would think Montana would be the mean bitch that picked on sweetheart Hope, and in fact those roles were reversed. My goal with Montana was to make sure there was an “I like her, but she can’t win” opinion of her for a good majority of the game.

The Runner Ups.
With a winner like Montana, I needed this to be a story of how somebody lost, and I chose Baxter to be the Final 2 loser of the season. I wanted it to be clear of how Baxter worked, and what he did to lose.

Usually it is an Under the Radar Player that wins in this type of Scenario (Amber, Danni, Bob) and I had planned on Beth being the original winner, and Monty being take out by Baxter’s Idol at the Final 6, then Violet would lose the F5 Immunity and get booted, then Spade would be fourth for not shaking up the game when he could. But then I realized Beth was Freaking Boring and rewrote the story switching their roles, and editing the story so Monty would win.
Baxter has been the most visible player I have written for, he had 90 confessionals in the whole season, and Montana was 2nd with 62. Like Montana, I wanted Baxter to be assumed as the young athletic Immunity guy, so I liked the gradual realization that he was not the hero, but the main villain.

Now Alex, he was a filler character, one of the ones I made and had no idea where he would land. In the very early drafts he was a thin boy with normal eyes and not stuttering, and he was an early boot. I knew very early on I wanted a tie at the Final Tribal Council, and I needed a minor character who didn’t do much to be 3rd place, and that is when Alex became Baxter’s sidekick.

The Underdog Alliance of Monty, “N”, and Violet
Another thing I wanted this season was an alliance full of the 3 more popular players at the time, and they worked well together. And I wanted them to all get in an alliance at the merge, and suddenly crash and burn after the First Tribal Council, and I wanted the reaction of “Fuck the 3 best players are now going back to back.” That’s where Baxter came in, sacrificing the Idiot and the Psycho, and have the alliance that was doomed to place 9th-7th ended up getting 2 of its members in the Final 4.

Marty’s Lie
One of the Unpopular notes in the Series (Although it made Marty’s fall so much better). IF it had worked this is how Marty planned on his lie to work.
-Day 6; Cue is revealed and Yoshia goes.
-Pre Merge; Keep Surviving all the boots and make it to the Top 10
-Day 21; NOT GET DRUNK, let Beth get voted out
-Day 24; Let Baxter betray Issac, but keep Hope for numbers
-Day 27-33; Underdog alliance is Pagonged
-Day 36; Hope would most likely go as being a loose canon
-Then at the Final 4 his twist would have run out, and they would be free to vote him out, which Baxter, Alex, and Spade may do to make it to the Final 3. OR, and this is the Crucial Part of the Lie, Alex and Baxter vote Spade out at 4 due to Marty having Immunity or another reason, thinking that due to the Twist and Marty not being able to win, it would technically be a Final 2
-Then at the Final Tribal Council, admit the lie, and hope that the Jury can look at how the twist worked and let him win.

Survivor Fan Characters 4!
It is going good in production so far (Ep7), a lot of interesting events are happening and a bunch of characters emerging. Some things to look Foreword to;
-20 People, 10 Fans vs 10 Challengers
-Exile Island where someone from each tribe goes.
-Erik and Iris pass the Crown on for the Biggest Blunder Ever
-Record number of Blindsides
-Jeff Probst’s New Sprites

If there is anything about SFC3 that I didn’t answer or that you want to know (Since there is no secret anymore), ask it, I’ll answer all of them as soon as I can.


Pikachao, January 31st, 2009, 6:35 am

i sure hope that blunder ain't me

Daroach (Guest), January 31st, 2009, 8:21 am

So when's season 4 gonna start?

Korbeh, January 31st, 2009, 8:58 am

What do you mean by Fans vs Challengers?

SWSU-Master, January 31st, 2009, 3:03 pm

Daroach: Should be late Feb.
Korbeh: The 10 Fans will be competing against another group of 10

Korbeh, January 31st, 2009, 8:51 pm


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