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August 16th, 2008, 12:50 pm

Info about the Next Survivor Seasons

Well, Survivor Fan Characters 2 is over, I'm in the process of working on Season 3 right now, but I'm not going to start posting it until Semptember, since I figure a break from the daily updates is needed.

Anyway, some things about Survivor Fan Characters 3:I’m currently working on it now (Episode 9 Woohoo!) Expect it to start around the same time as Survivor Gabon maybe a little earlier, Some things to look foreward to in it.
- 18 People this time.
- Major twist on Day 2, something that has never happened before.
- A Lie that could almost Rival Fairplays Dead Grandma Lie.
- No Exile Island, but Two Hidden Immunity Idols

Survivor Fan Characters 4
I have nothing planned for it yet other than it will feature other people's Fan Characters in it. I have an Application below that has the bare minimum of what I need. I filled out this application as if I was submitting one for Skylar;

What is You Fan Characters Name? Sky
What series are they from? Sly Cooper
Can you show me a picture of what they look like. If not give a REALLY GOOD Description.[link] to image
What about their personality? Sky is very cocky, he uses his childish appearance to his advantage and to get others to trust him and treat him as a younger sibling, he is loyal, but won’t hesitate to turn on someone who went against him.
Who would be the type of person they would align with? People with similar traits as him, roughly the same age range. People he could use to advance himself in the game.
What type of people would they avoid? Other Cocky people, and others who think too much of themselves.
What about Physical skills? Sky is very weak, will be a target pre merge for that reason, he is quick on his feet, but that is all he can do.
Now in case your Fan Character makes the Challenge with visitors from their series;
Who is the Main Character of the Canon Series;
Sly Cooper
Any Relatives? Sly and Carmelita, Mom and Dad. Gets along with both, and has minor conflicts with Carmelita. Likes to learn stuff from Sly about thieving days
Pals? Murray, he tends to hang around with him for fun
Boyfriends/Girlfriends? None
Anyone who you Hate? Skylar cannot stand the Guru, unlike the others he cannot understand him.
Any other OC’s from their universe, if so [link]? He has a friend named Teddy[link], and Bentley and Penelope’s daughter Kathy [link].
What type of Game will they play; Leader, Follower, Schemer, Under The Radar player? He will play the game as a follower and do as others say until he feels it is the right time to make a move to help advance him in the game, and then he quietly goes back to a follower.
Anything else worth mentioning about the Fan character?Tends to do things for his own amusement at the expense of others.
Of the Two Seasons who have been your favorite Survivor?
I’ll let you answer that on your own, although this one is optional, and won’t affect if you get chosen or not.

Some tips;
Be as detailed as possible, I need to know about your Fan Character in order to write for them
I am fully expecting Sonic Fan Characters, however I am only accepting one Fan Character per series, so you would have a greater chance of choosing another character from a different series
The Deadline for when you can turn these in will be Semptember 18th


Crazy Boy, March 11th, 2010, 9:57 am

Okay, I was going through your castaways and noticed that they had odd names next to some of them... after that, I find this in your news page...

Oh my God... does this mean I can give you a character anytime, anyplace? If it does... then I'm going to have to write one up! Expect it soon!

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