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SFC2 The Season Finale

August 16th, 2008, 12:16 pm

Average Rating: 4.60
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Author's Comments:

Reply SWSU-Master, August 16th, 2008, 12:31 pm

And so this wraps up the second season of Survivor Fan Characters, Check my Journal later for news about the next season, and how to be in Season 4.

Now I made Ellise the winner, because I wanted a more positive winner than Sky, who was pretty negative. However Ellise was the exact opposite of Sky in ever way.

He started off nice but became evil. Ellise started negetive but became posive at the end.
Sky was a Young Anthro Male, Ellise was an Adult Human Female.
Sky was more confrontational than Ellise
Ellise was on a losing tribe while Sky was on a winning tribe

Thanks again to all of you who read this comic, hopefully you'll like the next season as well.

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Reply SWSU-Master, August 16th, 2008, 1:12 pm

Gatemaster Yes, please do

User's Comments:

Reply gatemaster, August 16th, 2008, 1:05 pm

Do i just send the application though a private message?

Reply victorkool, August 16th, 2008, 2:03 pm

Okay I sent one

Reply Feniks, August 16th, 2008, 2:27 pm

I'll send you as fast as I can

Reply Korbeh, August 16th, 2008, 5:09 pm

Sent one~

Reply Crystalbear, August 24th, 2008, 3:26 am

I've kinda just started to read this, and totally new and all that. But I still have thoughts of sending an application.

Am I too late?

Reply SWSU-Master, August 24th, 2008, 12:22 pm

Nope, the deadline is Sptember 18th

Reply Pikachao, August 25th, 2008, 9:38 pm

your favorite fan has sent his in that's right, the joeman has. i guess i have too and if i get in i am ready to rumble. get reaady for another under the radar player (if i get in)

P.S. was my stuff detailed enough in my pm's or do i need to spam your pm box?

Edit: man i sure hope i'm the only pokemon entry here

Edit: okay i have seriously got to stop making edits but i have the second longest comment on the comic page

edit: (LAST TIME I SWEAR) when do we figure out who gets in and what is survivor bogan?

Reply SWSU-Master, August 26th, 2008, 11:21 pm

I will probably PM the people who made it in, and what about Bogan? Did I make a typo?

Reply Pikachao, August 27th, 2008, 7:49 am

you said you would start survivor bogan about when you started season 3

Reply SWSU-Master, August 27th, 2008, 2:15 pm

OH! That's Survivor Gabon, the real next season

Reply Genshai_, January 21st, 2009, 11:52 am

I was sad when I realised only half a season was left after this, but then I noticed, its virtualy full...which is realy good, cuz I can watch season four from the start. :) Im saving season three for tomorow, I have read this for the past 9 hours and I need to make up for my hiatus with comics...

EDIT: sorry I just noticed, I filled up your latest comments with JD's ugly screaming

Reply SWSU-Master, January 21st, 2009, 2:58 pm

Genshai I don't mind, Scrubs rocks!

Reply cRaZyKiD (Guest), June 30th, 2009, 12:48 pm

hey you are extremely talented in this line of work! I liked this season alot.
My only criticism is that I was very depressed at the beginning when Mary was disowning all the Furry's.
I personally believe that she should have been booted far earlier than when she was but as long as she lost I was okay with it.

Reply Zippy Red, March 14th, 2010, 4:04 pm

Okay, I just finished the comic series, and here are my opinions on the Survivors:

20th: Loris (I was thinking she'd be gone, and I was right.)

19th: Slash (Expected him to last longer, but oh well.)

18th: Mihoshi (Ahhh... poor girl. I expected her to last longer.)

17th: PJ (PJ was a freaking jerk! At least he lived up to his franchise name!)

16th: Drake (This guy was really great! He's on my good book!)

15th: Al (I felt really sorry for him when he went... looks like he wasn't a bad alien after all.)

14th: Spikey (NOOOOOOOOOO! I like Spikey! He was great!)

13th: Sue (Fine by me. She was a freaking bitch.)

12th: Max (This ripoff just bored me to death anyway.)

11th: Polly (At least she lived up to Animal Crossing's name. Polly was really great.)

10th: Mary (Okay, did this girl get raped by a dog at a young age? Because she had no right in bashing furries. Personally, I like them.)

9th: Bitsy (She was cool, too. SHe was a good player, but... WHAT WAS UP WITH HER EYE?)

8th: Gus (NO, GUS! I was rooting for him too! Oh well.)

7th: Denise (Snore... she was so bored... she didn't say anything... why have her there?)

6th: Ryan (He was a cool dude... too bad he got eliminated.)


BTW, I'm glad you managed some good sprites on the canon characters for the family visit! Phoenix Wright, Maya, Inuyasha (YAY), Axel, Derek and Tommy (AWESOME)! That is so cool!

Back to the rankings...

5th: Chris (First Phoenix Wright twin gone... all right, fine by me. TWINOWNAGE, that's all I can say.)

4th: Vinnie (Well, the second coming of Sky didn't happen, but Vinnie did pull some good moves.)

3rd: Kris (At least she didn't do bad.)

2nd: Jasmine (Aw, I wanted her to win. Oh well, I was satisfied with Ellise.)

1st: Ellise (Eh, she was okay... hopefully, the next winner makes up for it.)


Reply QJD (Guest), March 28th, 2010, 4:24 am

Bitsy lied! She said she wouldnt vote for Ellise!

Reply LC11 (Guest), March 22nd, 2011, 12:06 am

, gross >_>

Reply ManaBlitz (Guest), September 18th, 2011, 5:46 pm

SFC2 Character Rankings Gonna try not to let SFCAS effect these rankings.

#20-Loris (Cooking Mama/20th): Nice but boring.

#19-Mihoshi (Lucky Star/18th): ^

#18-Slash (Sonic The Hedgehog/19th): ^ + seemed kinda dumb.

#17-P.J. (Bully/17th): Annoying!

#16-Spikey (Donkey Kong/14th): Kinda boring but he looked cool.

#15-Al (Destroy All Humans/15th): Kind of a stretegybot except not all that good at it, imo.

#14-Ryan (Guitar Hero/6th): Just found him kinda boring. He seemed pretty lacking in personality.

#13-Drake (Devil May Cry/16th): He was robbed! I liked him.

#12-Sue (Naruto/13th): I liked here overdramatic exit.

#11-Max (Kirby/12th): He was fun because he didn't give a shit about anyone.

#10-Denise (Haruhii Suzumiya??/7th): She was a good gag. Nothing more.

#9- Polly (Animal Crossing/11th): It was fun when she started playing hard, but she trusted Bitsy, which anyone who has read SFCAS knows is not a good idea.

#8- Jasmine (Inuyasha/Runner-Up): She was nice and easy to root for but otherwise she didn't do all the muhc. I liked a few of her confessionals though.

#7- Bitsy (Crash Bandicoot/9th): She was very sweet and without her idol Ellise would never have done as well as she did.

#6- Mary (Love Hina/10th): She was/is the biggest bitch in all of SFC. And I love her for it.

#5- Chris (Phoenix Wright/5th): I wasn't a huge Chris fan until my most recent readthrough. I still don't love him, really, but he was a good player and was a central part of the story.

#4- Gus (Advance Wars/8th): Gus was the best character to root for. Good guy, underdog, etc. I wish he had won.

#3-Kris (Phoenix Wright/3rd): She was really fun because she kept fucking over her borthers votes, and she was funny and charming.

#2-Ellise (Trauma Center/WINNER): She had a nice redemption arc and was a very strategic player, IMO even better than Vinnie in that category. I thought she was another great winner after Sky.

#1-Vinnie(Grand Theft Auto/4th): Was there any doubt? Vinnie made this season. He was a schemer through and through, and I loved him for it.

Top 5 Players:
#5: Drake
#4: Kris
#3: Chris
#2: Vinnie
#1: Ellise

Reply Guest, September 25th, 2011, 3:44 am

Yay.. GOt back-to-back 2nd picks correct!

On to season 3 next week...

BTW very cool series! Wish I had found out about it way earlier!

Reply BLAHBLAHWHATEVER, January 9th, 2012, 9:18 pm

That vote was as close as I was thinking it'd be!

So overall, I'll admit I found the first season more interesting. This season just wasn't as funny as the original. However, the boots this time out made a lot more sense, and while the cast may have been slightly weaker than last season's overall, it was still a good solid group.

Twists: I liked Brains vs. Brawns while it lasted, good concept. The Brawns were pretty damn dumb though, but still.

Loris: Seemed nice and superfans are always welcome, but she was definitely never going to win this game.

Slash: Who? I forgot all about him. He only had like 1 confessional (yes even Denise had more than him I think). He was fast, but that was it.

Mihoshi: Very weak player and I was glad that we weren't going to have another child winner.

PJ: Lived up to his franchise well, he seemed to have some potential, but blew it.

Drake: Drake was an awesome character! Too bad he didn't last very long, cause he could have been an all-time great!

Al: I was definitely stunned that Al was voted out so early! I thought he was the favorite to win for a while. Sadly, like Drake, the cards just weren't in his hand.

Spikey: I don't get the love for him. Very forgettable character.

Sue: Memorable exit, was Mary-Lite for a little while.

Max: Another wholly forgettable character. Sadly SWSU, I know he was your first character, but he was bland. good player though.

Polly: Polly had some potential. She seemed brighter than most of the Brawns, but when she finally stepped up to the plate, she flubbed it all up.

Mary: Easily the greatest villain ever, at least 2 seasons in. Played the trashy blonde chick role perfectly. that said, I'm glad she lost when she did, because she'd have gotten too annoying had she survived much longer.

Bitsy: Like Wendy last season, Bitsy could have easily have been the lead heroine of the cast. She seemed fairly smart and sweet, but she put too much trust in her allies and lost because of it. Awesome character.

Gus: I'm rather surprised to hear you didn't have bigger plans for him at first, cause he actually had a great storyline, overcoming being the "old" guy to being a legit threat to win. Him basically quitting sullies him a little, but he was still a great character.

Denise: I like the running gag of her silence, just seeing her talking made people notice her, which was funny.

Ryan: Like Hogan, he was the challenge threat and got into many showmances, but other than that, Ryan was pretty damn stupid. Maybe the dumbest of the Brawns, and that's saying something!

Chris: I never cared for him too much, but he was a big time player and had his good moments.

Vinnie: Easily the star of the show, he pretty much made this season awesome. But like the great classic villains, he lost right at the end. Pure evil and pure awesome.

Kris: The better player of the siblings, but other than that, eh. If not for her storyline with Chris, I'd have probably forgotten her.

Jasmine: Very quiet for most of the season, but was still very likable. I was rooting for her in the end. Considering I usually root for the strategic players instead of the nice players, that's impressive.

Ellise: Hated her at first, but it was awesome watching her turn things around and eventually being the best player of the cast! A little dull at times, but still a very worthy winner.

Looking forward to season 3!

Reply Stick@Night, December 11th, 2012, 5:19 pm

This was an interesting season. My first read-through, I found SFC2 to be somewhat forgettable on a whole, it wasn't as funny and a lot of the cast were bland. Having read through this again, I still think this wasn't as funny as the first season, but my opinion on SFC2 is higher now. Whereas in SFC1 there were a lot of WTF logic? moments, this time just about everything made sense, even the big game-changing moves like the F7 tribal council were well written and made sense. Really the only oddball moments for me were La Bira's 9 way vote, (they were the Brawns though, so I guess that works) and Gus basically quitting over a sprained arm after he fought so hard to survive for so long. Other than that, amazing job. I still find this cast a little more bland than last time, but the ones that were hits were among the best characters you've ever done, (Vinnie, Bitsy, Mary, even Ellise since she was a fully developed character and not one note). Very well done this season SWSU!

Reply 999 (Guest), December 30th, 2012, 10:11 pm

Season 2 Rankings Here we go:

20. Slash (19th)- He was one of two "We Hardly Knew Ye" castaways (along with Loris), and out of the two I prefer Loris.

19. Loris (20th)- She was sweet, but she was weak.

18. Mary (10th)- I can understand why people like other villains, but Mary isn't a good villain at all. In fact, she's a psychopathic ass.

17. PJ (17th)- He was a delusional leader that aligned with Kris early on. I was glad that he was blindsided.

16. Ryan (6th)- Can somebody spell manwhore? I'm glad that Jasmine, Kris, and Ellise instantly rejected him at the jury questions.

15. Mihoshi (18th)- She served her purpose as the standard sweetie well enough. I would rank her higher but she's just not that important.

14. Sue (13th)- Sue makes me want to rank her higher after her mental breakdown, but she's still a jerk. Her personality was plain bi-polar (example: getting along with Jasmine in one episode then calling her a furfag in the next)

13. Chris (5th)- He's like Kris but hypocritical, whiny, and unlikable. He constantly leeched off of her too.

12. Drake (16th)- A potentially great villain whose arrogance combined with getting screwed by a twist finished him.

11. Spikey (14th)- A nice calm character thrown in with a lot of crazy ones was a good break. Other than that he was okay.

10. Max (12th)- A character whose morality was entertaining. He got what was coming to him in some nice karma as well.

9. Al (15th)- A very interesting character who went too early. His alliance of freaks was cool as well.

8. Bitsy (9th)- Bitsy was one of the most tortured characters on SFC. She was a good player overall but was eventually consumed by revenge and naivety.

7. Gus (8th)- The definition of a cool old man. He stood up to the alliance of the good people and helped Ellise focus on the game.

6. Polly (11th)- I adored Polly. After last season's all-around horrible human being named Oran, she redeemed Animal Crossing. If only she hadn't let the power run to her head...

5. Kris (3rd)- I liked Kris quite a bit. Despite having a stupid and hypocritical brother, she was her own player and had a few good moves. However, she was too reliant on her allies (mainly Ellise and Chris), which cost her the victory.

4. Vinnie (4th)- He was a great villain who kicked butt and took names. His only downfall was that his student Ellise ended up whooping his ass. After said whopping, he still voted for her anyway, making a cute excuse as well.

3. Jasmine (2nd)- Jasmine was probably the most heroic of the contestants. She was patient against idiots like Mary and proved to be one of the few decent members of the good people alliance. Her only fault was that she didn't make any good moves until the end.

2. Denise (7th)- My favorite of the joke characters in SFC so far. Her gag was hilarious for me and on the few occasions she was edited to speak she was likable enough. If only she wouldn't hang around trash like Ryan and Mary...

1. Ellise (1st)- Ellise is probably my second favorite winner. She had a solid storyline and ended up beating her teacher in his own game. My only complaint was that in some of the early episodes she was seriously nothing but Vinnie's puppet, but she kicked it until high gear and was epic after he cut the strings.

Reply Akka777 (Guest), September 16th, 2015, 2:45 pm

I can deal with 2nd! I'm really glad Ellise won though. Even though in my way she came 3rd... Meh. Still.

Reply Daves (Guest), January 26th, 2019, 5:22 am

Love: Bitsy, Ellise, Gus, Polly

Like: Drake, Mihoshi

Neutral: Jasmine, Loris, Slash, Spikey

Dislike: Chris, Denise (was in "like until the reunion), Kris, PJ, Sue, Vinnie

Hate: Mary, Max, Ryan

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