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SFC17 Day 7 Building An Army

March 29th, 2018, 10:01 pm

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Author's Comments:

Reply SWSU-Master, March 29th, 2018, 10:01 pm

Oh Amadeus, always thinking several steps ahead...

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User's Comments:

Reply Tailslover13, March 29th, 2018, 10:03 pm

AH, A CATERPIE! RUN FOR THE HILLS! Also...Amadeus, stop please. Lester The Unlikely, you're such a jerk...but I like you anyway.

Reply ChronoAlone, March 29th, 2018, 10:04 pm

Ghost Bro and Parmy are a cute duo. They're gonna be fun.

Amadeus....yeah, not so much.

Reply DrMarble, March 29th, 2018, 10:06 pm

I'm pretty nervous about the fact that Kade seems to have confirmed that he plans on using Jeannie's ring to help him win. I expected better of you Kade, shame on you.

Reply Blastoise_FTW, March 29th, 2018, 10:09 pm

Lester, Parm and Ghost Bro is a trio I can get behind! too bad they're backstab eachother in 5 minutes D:

Amadeus is not living to see those Pikmin sprout. and if Tony finds them.. they won't sprout at all.

Reply EJ122, March 29th, 2018, 10:12 pm

I'm ready for Amadeus to GTFO again.

Also, I'm really liking Parmesan now! Such a unique concept! I hope he goes far in the game, or I will be disappointed.

Reply vanilladream, March 29th, 2018, 10:16 pm

If what Kade said means what I think it means, Lele could be in some big trouble pretty early. I just hope he's a bit more morally just than that if he plans to use such an underhanded tactic against his closest ally. But we'll see.

Reply GaryHawkinsLandscaper, March 29th, 2018, 10:18 pm

Didn’t even make it 24 hours. Congratulations, Amadeus. You officially have the shortest redemption arc in the history of Survivor Fan Characters.

Reply Darknile55, March 29th, 2018, 10:21 pm

Oh Amadeus, when will you leave? You may not be has bad Derek but you are just a lazy ass that will get what you deserve in the end.

Reply anime9001, March 29th, 2018, 10:32 pm Parmesan and Ghost Bro count as two separate contestants, or are they 2 for 1? And...I may just be missing something obvious, but who's this "acquaintance" they have in common? Also, Amadeus's plan is going to be extremely short lived. It seems Kade is going to prevent them from losing the next round, but after that Amadeus isn't long for this world.

Reply SWSU-Master, March 29th, 2018, 10:59 pm

@anime9001: They are two people playing as one player. Meaning if Parmesan is voted out. Ghost Bro is voted out automatically

Reply dat4yc, March 29th, 2018, 10:58 pm

Parmesan is now starting to live up to the hype I had for him pre-season. I'm loving his 'alliance' with Lester. And as much as he is a jerk, Amadeus is one of the best parts of this season so far. Just hope he doesn't prevail over old Fini, and if he does, I hope he votes out Tony and not Josh.

Reply Polarking48 (Guest), March 29th, 2018, 11:05 pm

Ghost bro is a ghost and Naomi was medium put it together

Reply RedBeryl, March 29th, 2018, 11:30 pm

Yay Parmy!

Boo Amadeus. Still, I am digging that sweet robot of his.

Reply Sonofhades, March 30th, 2018, 1:37 am

I hate that Amadeus is finally using his brain. I love that Parmesan has a complete Master/Blaster situation going on, though. Really helps him to distinguish himself from Cordelia, and that's always a good thing.

Reply qazox, March 30th, 2018, 8:21 am

This tribe's next council is gonna be nuts.

Reply SR17 (Guest), March 30th, 2018, 9:52 am

Josh : 2 / 13
Mele : 3 / 11
Amadeus : -5 / 13
Tony : -3 / 12
Quickscope : 2 / 11
Kade : 2 / 14

Jeannie : 7 / 12
Joy : 0 / 11
Lester : -5 / 13
Derek : 0 / 10
Derrick : 5 / 10
Parmesean & Ghost Bro : 3 / 13

Raiza : 2 / 12
Jenny : 4 / 11
CeCe : 4 / 12
Jahira : 3 / 11
Nezumi : 1 / 11
Ollie : -1 / 12

Charity : 0 / 7 (Eliminated)
Naomi : 1 / 10 (Eliminated)

Parmesean & Ghost Bro +1
Amadeus -1

I don't know if Ghost Bro can act as a medium like Naomi did, but Lester had better hope he can't, because I imagine whatever spirit told Naomi about the idol wouldn't be too happy with Lester's betrayal.

Nice to see Amadeus hasn't learned anything. But again, I'm looking to Josh to tell him about Tony's "sabotage". I have a feeling that's going to make him more willing to cut deals.

The Mystery Gifts seem to have a theme of providing one player in particular an advantage that benefits their role to the group. Ghost Bro and Quickscope's switch gave them ways to communicate. Jeannie's ring gave her more capabilities in camp. Amadeus's Deus Ex makes up for his lack of Physical Strength.

Reply SkySurfer, March 30th, 2018, 11:06 am

Although we had contestants like Michelle and Popper I wouldn't have guessed by the squeaking that Parmesan would be a mute. Too bad it was confirmed by SWSU that Ghost Bro cannot stay in the game without his brother, this would have turned him into even more of a season threat.

Amadeus remains true to himself and begs for a premerge boot once more. I doubt he will be able to play Mr. Nice Guy for a whole week and then rule the game with an advantage like Enter did. I have faith that Kade won't be that easy to manipulate as Quickscope and Mele.

Reply Red Rain (Guest), April 4th, 2018, 7:42 pm

Parmesan and Lester in an alliance? Looks like this confirms Parmesan's villainy. And I knew it, Amadeus hasn't changed a bit.

Reply Daves (Guest), June 15th, 2019, 10:14 am

I don't like what the Fini guys are planning to do. Although we may have gotten a deadline for Amadeus' boot.
Lester and Parmesan. Seriously, they've made for each other.

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