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SFC15 Day 36 Immunity

June 4th, 2016, 7:00 pm

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Author's Comments:

Reply SWSU-Master, June 4th, 2016, 10:07 am

With some tricky plays used, Dustin comes out on top.

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User's Comments:

Reply GaryHawkinsLandscaper, June 4th, 2016, 7:07 pm

Enter the Dragging That's right, the shaman doesn't cheat at anything! And Paranoia's apparently able to possess inanimate objects now.

Reply Guest, June 5th, 2016, 1:31 am

@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: Paranoia dug up and grabbed the Hidden Immunity Idol. Anything's possible.

Reply Pie31415, June 4th, 2016, 7:17 pm

LOL the karma at Shaega screwing over Ky (D:) and then immediately getting hit by Taro's ball (:D) is amazing. The only thing that would have made this better is if Shaega had been medevaced for that "unfortunate incident". (I'm starting to sound almost as evil as Shaega xD)

Reply DrMarble, June 4th, 2016, 7:47 pm

Oh, fuck you Shaega! Now he is very blatantly cheating! I know that I've already said that Ky is a dead man walking, but Shaega's sabotage makes it even clearer that he's a goner. Thank you Taro for smashing that assswipe in the face.

Reply shaegatard (Guest), June 4th, 2016, 7:59 pm

pffft...Shaega got a bowling ball in the balls.


Reply Sinjoh, June 4th, 2016, 9:05 pm

@shaegatard: I'll assume the family jewels shattered as well.

Reply Tailslover13, June 4th, 2016, 8:05 pm

WHAT?!?! That is complete BULLSHIT! That is cheating! Ky just got cheated out of immunity! Shaega is a freaking, 100% CHEATER! That is unfair. Ky better damn well not leave now, or else I'm going to rage. This is really unfair. Regardless if Taro paid him back for it, that's still massively unfair. Ky BETTER not leave.

Reply TJBambi93 (Guest), June 4th, 2016, 8:15 pm

Why do I think Shaega's going home Tuesday morning?

Why do I think Sylvia/Leah is about to take out one of their only chances to win at the final tribal council?

Congratulations Ky/Taro one of you just won a million dollars.

PS. I still think Lea should have stayed longer as the long term villain over Shaega.

Reply Yumichika Time, June 4th, 2016, 8:28 pm

WWWOOOWWW!!!, Just WOW! This is such BULLSHIT CHEATING on a BLATANT level on Shaega's part!! Not's so ABYSSMALLY clear that the FUCKER is COMPLETELY after Poor Innocent Ky here! To HELL w/ THIS ASSHOLE, NOWWW!!!

Boy, am I getting into a RAGE lately or what, since this Faker is SOOO obvious here. So who CARES about game-winning odds now, for this is such a HUGE injustice. just take him out PLEASE, & PRAY he does NOT play that idol! Just don't let KT go DOWN like this, pretty please. *tears threatening to form/fall*

Reply Tailslover13, June 4th, 2016, 8:37 pm

@Yumichika Time: Amen to all of that. Anyone who seriously defends this...well, it says a lot about their character. This is just wrong. People complained about Daisuke and Leah using their powers to win challenges before...but the difference is they used them to help THEMSELVES; they didn't actively cheat out another player or take them out of the challenge with unfair means. That's what Shaega just did. If he had simply used Paranoia to get himself a perfect strike or something, that's fine. It's sleazy, but it's fine. But the fact is he BLATANTLY cheated Ky and got him eliminated. I don't care how you logic it out, that's wrong.

Ky better not leave. I'm saying that now. If people thought I raged hard in SFC11, they've seen nothing yet. Ky may not be my character...but I can't stand to see good people go down like this and be blatantly cheated out of a possible win. Especially to an asshole. Ky better survive.

Reply DrMarble, June 4th, 2016, 9:00 pm

@Tailslover13: Well, you better get that rage ready then. Because there is NO way Ky isn't getting voted out this episode.

Reply Tailslover13, June 4th, 2016, 10:34 pm

@DrMarble: There's one way he can be spared this episode,'s almost impossible to possibly happen. There's just too many variables to go into it...

Reply Sinjoh, June 4th, 2016, 8:43 pm

Shaega cheats: THAT FUCKER MUST DIE NOW!!!1!

Leah cheats: *crickets*

Reply Tailslover13, June 4th, 2016, 8:44 pm

@Sinjoh: When has Leah actually cheated? When she used rocks to help win the challenge during the tribe portion of the game, she was doing it to help her tribe win. She wasn't purposely sabotaging the other players on the other side. If she had assaulted Gekkota or someone else with rocks to prevent them from throwing them...yes, THAT would be cheating. But, this isn't the same.

Reply Sinjoh, June 4th, 2016, 8:51 pm

@Tailslover13: Did she not try cheating in this very comic? I must have imagined she used a pebble to knock down the final pin.

Reply Tailslover13, June 4th, 2016, 8:52 pm

@Sinjoh: True...but that was HER power, and she was trying to aid HERSELF. She wasn't going out of her way to cheat another person. Like, she didn't use her rocks to knock Dustin's ball out of the way and make him get a gutterball, or something like that. THAT would be cheating. In this case, it was her own power.

Reply Sinjoh, June 4th, 2016, 8:58 pm

@Tailslover13: Granted she did not use her powers to hinder someone like Dustin or Sylvia, but she used her powers to aid herself to win the challenge. The challenge specified the pins have to be knocked down by the ball, by using a pebble to knock down the final pin she cheated.

Reply anime9001, June 4th, 2016, 9:40 pm

@Sinjoh: Eh, she cheated after seeing that Jeff wasn't going to call out cheaters. And she knows she's the split voter at TC while Sheaga just wants Ky gone.

If the virtue of a fair win is already gone, I can understand not seeing the reason to hinder yourself by playing by the book either.

Reply GaryHawkinsLandscaper, June 4th, 2016, 8:53 pm

@Sinjoh: See that pink cloud of dust surrounding the pebble? It was Shaega, not Leah.

Reply Tailslover13, June 4th, 2016, 8:55 pm

@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: Actually, no, look at Leah's hand. It's glowing pink. So, it WAS her. But, again, it's her own power, so really that technically isn't cheating.

Reply GaryHawkinsLandscaper, June 4th, 2016, 9:00 pm

@Tailslover13: I'm not so sure about that. I just looked back at the first episode, and her aura's more lavender than pink.

Reply Sinjoh, June 4th, 2016, 9:02 pm

@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: If that was Paranoia, why on Earth would Shaega HELP anyone in this challenge?

Reply GaryHawkinsLandscaper, June 4th, 2016, 9:04 pm

@Sinjoh: I didn't really think about that. Maybe he just really wants to be Loki.

Reply Guest, June 4th, 2016, 11:53 pm

@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: SWSU here. It was Leah

Reply GaryHawkinsLandscaper, June 5th, 2016, 12:00 am

@Guest: Nice try, Sinjoh. I'm not falling for that.

Okay, so Leah did do it. Not a big deal, it just looked like Paranoia.

Reply Guest, June 5th, 2016, 1:37 am

@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: If you look closely, there is a small gray object in front of the pink aura. That's the pebble she's controlling.

Reply GaryHawkinsLandscaper, June 5th, 2016, 1:51 am

@Guest: Noticed that. I just assumed Paranoia was playing boomerang with the pebble.

Reply Sinjoh, June 5th, 2016, 8:33 am

@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: That isn't me. I may have a Zoroark as my avatar, but I don't pretend to be other people.

Reply GaryHawkinsLandscaper, June 5th, 2016, 9:39 am

@Sinjoh: (It was a joke)

Reply Guest, June 5th, 2016, 1:58 am

@Tailslover13: I would say it's cheating. Then again, Violet and Enter happened, so I guess Probst doesn't give a shit.

Reply DrMarble, June 4th, 2016, 9:01 pm

@Sinjoh: I didn't even realize that was her. I thought it was more Shaega dickery.

Reply Sinjoh, June 4th, 2016, 9:03 pm

@DrMarble: Yeah doesn't really help that Paranoia and Leah's powers are highlighted pink, but given Leah's hand is glowing and there's a pebble being used...

Reply arv0908, June 4th, 2016, 8:47 pm

Um, what the fuck did I just read?

Ok so apparently the idiot won again. No surprise there.

Mikayla getting smacked HAH! I hope that hit was enough to kill him. Ky getting CHEATED OUT of the challenge? What kind of bullshit is that?

I'm so confused. Enlighten me.

Fuck you Shaega. You suck at challenges. You suck at life. This isn't welfare. You just really suck. You deserve to die. You're the spawn of evil and I hope you get your comeuppance bitch. Please go back to hell where you belong.

Reply Blastoise_FTW, June 4th, 2016, 9:05 pm

Look at me being early again.

Meh at Dustin winning. Doesn't really effect anything.

LOL at at Taro hitting Shaega with the Bowling ball. Funniest moment of the season.

Reply Joey the Badass Wheeler, June 5th, 2016, 2:35 am

@Blastoise_FTW: Dustin winning does leave Ky vulnerable though.

Reply Blastoise_FTW (Guest), June 5th, 2016, 8:38 am

@Joey the Badass Wheeler: Eh Ky isn't going anywhere this round.

Reply ChronoAlone, June 4th, 2016, 9:05 pm

Ok, that's a bit much Shae. You can go back to floating menacingly now.

Reply RedBeryl, June 4th, 2016, 9:25 pm

Hehe. Shaega got beaned. That makes me smile inside.

If you're gonna cheat, be sure that you cover all the angles. Even your feet. :D

Reply Vilecheese, June 4th, 2016, 9:33 pm

The sad thing is this isn't even the most blatant cheating in SFC history. Poor Sharker :(.

Either Ky or Sylvia is leaving.

Reply Guest, June 5th, 2016, 1:39 am

@Vilecheese: Violet...

Reply anime9001, June 4th, 2016, 9:45 pm

Fairly certain Sheaga's gone here. I'd start clamoring on about how Taro/Ky is getting a free win (although I'll mind less if it's Ky), but Sheaga is asking for it. He's cocky, and won't be expecting to play his idol.

Also, I'd like to point out that this season has basically been the season of failed idols. I forgot about this due to Brandi's successful blindside, but failed to consider it still led to her downfall. Leah and Dustin wasted idols on themselves when they had nothing to fear. Brandi blew her idol too early, causing her to become vulnerable and leave immediately after. And now all we have left is for someone to leave with the idol still in their hands and this season of failed idols will be complete.

Reply Quizzical Pursuit, June 5th, 2016, 7:31 am

@anime9001: The whole failed idols thing has been a pretty relevant theme in the past two seasons if you think about it. In SFC 14, you have Ivan getting screwed out of his idol, Prussia wasting an idol on a very weird plan that ultimately failed, and Stagg misplacing his idol. In SFC 13, you had Critic leaving with an idol, Arnold losing his idol, Sasha misplacing her idol, and the super idol being completely wasted. I like to think that SWSU is still trying to make up for all of the bogus idol plays in SFC 12, so he makes about 75% of all idols in these three seasons be completely wasted.

Reply qazox, June 4th, 2016, 9:51 pm

Too bad Sheaga's got an idol, or else he'd be gone.

Reply TrollDoll, June 4th, 2016, 10:27 pm

Yes....... Shayga................

Tato is so gross but not as gross as mikayla..... Pay your welfare you dumb....

Reply dat4yc, June 4th, 2016, 10:33 pm


If Ky leaves after Shaega's sabotage there's gonna be hell to pay...

Reply Sonofhades, June 4th, 2016, 11:07 pm

...This annoys me even more than the last strip with Shaega, if that's even possible. I'm really, really hoping that Jeff rakes him over the coals at Tribal Council since he's been blatantly cheating. If Ky goes over this, I will feel a great amount of rage.

Reply Misterjakester (Guest), June 4th, 2016, 11:30 pm

I like Shaega and even I know that was total bullshit. If Ky is eliminated because of that there will be hell to pay.And Of course my least favorite character wins immunity, why the hell not.

Reply SkySurfer (Guest), June 4th, 2016, 11:31 pm

This reminds me of the time when Enter burned Sharker then eliminated him the same round. And of course Jeff is as clueless as ever, he is obviously used to the pins glowing purple or only supers and shamans can see it.

Could this really be the end for Ky? I have no idea how the single survivors intend to vote but if Shaega gets at least Dustin to vote against Ky and nulifies his own votes then the result will hurt a lot... so much that it will also nulify the satisfaction after Taro's revenge throw.

Reply Guest, June 5th, 2016, 1:42 am

@SkySurfer: The supers can only target Sylvia now if they want to avoid an idol they don't know of, which is the least likely scenario since Sylvia and Leah's deal. I doubt Sylvia would try to vote out Leah or Taro at this point, either. Unless Shaega screws up, Ky is bye.

Reply Guest, June 5th, 2016, 1:57 am

I find it really funny that everyone is raging at Shaega cheating Ky out but this is the second time Leah cheats. I don't care if it's to further hee tribe of herself. It should be condemned too. Didn't Leah make a deal with Sylvia that, if they won immunity, Leah would get the idol? Oops, not so selfless anymore.

I agree that Shaega cheating another player out is mean-spirited and cruel, especially now that it's fairly obvious he's targeting Ky. But if he had done the same to Leah, some of you would actually be relieved he isn't targeting Ky.

On a mostly unrelated sidenote: I believe we can all agree that Ky and Dustin are huge physical threats, but Sylvia and Leah are also great in challenges. Then why are ALL FOUR OF THEM good at fricking BOWLING? This is the perfect immunity challenge to have whoever you want win, since some of the contestants might not have even played it, ever. Yet you see Sylvia scoring 8, Leah and Dustin taling out 9 and Ky almost getting a strike. Seriously? Also, how boring is it that Dustin won again? If he is voted out in the finale for being a physical threat... I swear, that would be one of the most ridiculous things I will ever see. (Unless Shaega has a role in it, since Shaega is pretty messed up).

Reply Guest, June 5th, 2016, 6:02 am

@Guest: The community is selective in their hate. If Ky cheated all the time, they wouldn't care. Or Taro.

But since it's Shaega, and he's the scrappy, it's completely unfair.

There's a reason why everyone absolutely hated Enter cheating in SFC12. He was despised. If he was the fan favorite, nobody would bat an eyebrow.

Reply Tailslover13, June 5th, 2016, 12:19 pm

Hey, everybody, a person who will not be named unless they want it, is doing a live blog of SFC and all its seasons...or something...with a friend of his, and I just wanted to share the link with all of you that would care to go and check it out! Here you go:

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