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SFC15 Day 26 Reward

May 1st, 2016, 9:53 pm

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Author's Comments:

Reply SWSU-Master, May 1st, 2016, 9:56 pm

Maybe next season I can go longer without Reward Challenges.

User's Comments:

Reply Tailslover13, May 1st, 2016, 9:59 pm

See, this is why Ky is awesome. He can make even a simple/mundane challenge or comic hilarious, cute, funny or charming just by being a part of it.

But, congrats to Taro and Marie. They deserve a reward for being so nice. Screw Dustin, but whatever.

Reply crazy fan (Guest), May 1st, 2016, 10:05 pm

@Tailslover13: At least it's not Brandi or Cordelia going to enjoy the reward and besides Dustin is the only normal after Marie full of the least shit. With Marie having none.

Reply Tailslover13, May 1st, 2016, 10:10 pm

@crazy fan : Yes, I know...I just don't trust Dustin at all. Something about him bothers me. I just know he's going to start becoming a jerk. Ky, Taro and Marie are all someone HAS to start changing. And I think it'll be Dustin. The more he sides with Brandi, the more he's gonna suck. Watch.

Reply ChronoAlone, May 1st, 2016, 9:59 pm

Good batch of winners for the first reward challenge.

Also, I love the little comment Marie makes in panel 22.

"Ah balls!"
"Why yes, they are!"

Reply Joey the Badass Wheeler, May 1st, 2016, 10:05 pm

@ChronoAlone: Agreed. I love the fact these three won.

Reply qazox, May 1st, 2016, 10:02 pm

*shakes head and walks away* about Ky getting that ball to land.

Now can Marie convince Dustin to see though Brandi and Cordelia's bullshit? Cause Taro already does.

Reply dat4yc, May 1st, 2016, 10:03 pm

Sweet maybe Taro and Marie can work on flipping Dustin during the reward. And there's Ky being the best as always.

Reply Pout123 (Guest), May 1st, 2016, 10:04 pm

Ky makes just about every comic he's in lol

Reply anime9001, May 1st, 2016, 10:05 pm

Figured they'd be the winners after seeing the teams. Marie and Taro can now talk strategy with no worries of anyone butting in~ Well, not with any intention to hinder their progress, with Dustin being the third wheel and all.

And XD at Ky. At least he scored a birdie.

Reply arv0908, May 1st, 2016, 10:09 pm

Ky is just gold. <33333
Congrats to Taro and Marie.
Mararo. <333 I ship this.

Reply GaryHawkinsLandscaper, May 1st, 2016, 10:13 pm

I'm just now realizing that the first reward challenge is on Day 26, and the only people who have been getting decent meals were on Tortana, mainly thanks to Taro.

In retrospect, it's very obvious why Golgora always sucked at challenges. I'm surprised that none of them have died of malnutrition yet.

Reply Vilecheese, May 1st, 2016, 10:18 pm

We need a Hugo reference here.

Reply RedBeryl, May 1st, 2016, 10:21 pm

A fancy day at the spa for the princess, tanooki and surfer dude. I doubt they'll talk a lot of strategy during their reward, but at least they'll enjoy it. It might be the opportune moment for Marie & Taro to get Dustin to flip against Cordelia. After all, she's gotten rather suspicious of the Roo as of late... Although Brandi still has an Idol, I don't think it'll be used to save Cordelia.

On a different subject, it's about time for reward challenges to exist again! We get all sorts of cool moments like Ky's personal victory & Marie's innocent remarks. Hehehe~

Reply spinfur, May 1st, 2016, 11:29 pm

Well good people got a good reward

Also that quote Marie said was so iconic

Reply SkySurfer (Guest), May 2nd, 2016, 12:10 am

The good thing: It's nice those three got the reward, especially as Marie got the chance to shine in a challenge. The bad thing: Even though that was Ky's worst challenge performance so far, his personal victory throw might only confirm it for the others that he's a threat. It probably depends if the others take it seriously

Reply Sonofhades, May 2nd, 2016, 7:46 am

Ah, goody. I'm sad that Ky missed out, but I'm also extremely happy that Cordelia doesn't get to go to the spa. This spa trip is a great opportunity for Marie and Taro to solidify their alliance. I'm not sure if they can flip Dustin. They might honestly be better off not trying, since he can't seem to keep his mouth shut.

Reply TJBambi93 (Guest), May 2nd, 2016, 8:49 am

Should be interesting. Think maybe Dustin will flip? Perhaps... perhaps not. Marie will definitely try. Taro could also assist as well.

Reply Blastoise_FTW, May 2nd, 2016, 9:14 am

Nice group of people for reward. This should be interesting.

Ky is still awesome.

Reply TrollDoll, May 2nd, 2016, 8:36 pm

lordina leah doesn't go on reward rigged wow

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