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SFC15 Day 15 Golgora Tribal Council

March 27th, 2016, 9:46 pm

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Author's Comments:

Reply SWSU-Master, March 27th, 2016, 9:57 pm

Say it ain't so. Juli's ink has run out.

I will say of the characters so far that have been booted. Juli is easily my favorite and the first real tragic cut of the season for me. She may have started off slow, however she absolutely shined in her later episodes and did such a great job creating panic and keeping the game interesting, there are some things I was unable to do with Juli such as the mentioned Squid bit in the Final Words, but the challenges just didn't play out in a way to use them, and most of the Tortana comics were so hectic and needed to have things focused on outside of highlighting powers, so if there is one regret it's that.

Outside of that however, as I mentioned I loved how she played with her back against the wall and playing hard 24/7. However with how the season was playing out, I sadly did have to cut her, but Juli is a character I would not mind seeing again.

User's Comments:

Reply Vilecheese, March 27th, 2016, 10:03 pm

So we're getting Juli for Second Chances? If we can get that and have her turn into a squid it would be cool. Like how Al revealed his shape-shifting abilities after his original season.

C'est la vie Juli, you were alright. This tribe needs to win the next challenge for sure since the people in power are fucking terrible and there's no possible way they'll splinter. I have to hold out hope that they'll be ganged up on at the merge...

Reply SWSU-Master, March 27th, 2016, 10:13 pm

@Vilecheese: Well they are a hectic power alliance, so things may change

Reply Tailslover13, March 27th, 2016, 10:04 pm

Called it! Goodbye and good riddance. I don't want to pile on Juli's creator, since I know they're an active viewer and they really love her, but...I just did not like Juli. Like the Survivor Critic said in the previews, she was nothing more than a whiny, obnoxious brat who was only looking out for herself and just picked fights with others instead of trying to make friends. She constantly complained about her size and what others thought of her and let that dominate her game, which is why she failed in the long run, since it turned her into a sneaky rat no one could trust. She wasn't awful by any means, since she herself is cute, but I didn't like her in this game. Honestly, Lea was better than Juli, since at least Lea had a purpose. What was Juli's purpose? None. She had a ton of fans in the preseason, but now all those fans' hearts are crushed. But, eh, that's how it goes.

1. Ky (Adore)
2. Taro (Love)
3. Xeradonus (Love)
4. Marie (Love)
5. Freddy (Love)
6. Dustin (Love)
7. Sylvia (Love)
8. Daisuke (Love)
9. Billy (Love)
10. Juli (Neutral)
11. Lea (Neutral)
12. Leah (Neutral)
13. Zach (Neutral)
14. Shaega (Dislike)
15. Gekkota (Dislike)
16. Tamara (Hate)
17. Luna (Hate)
18. Brandi (Hate)
19. Cordelia (Hate)
20. Cha'Telle (Loathe)

1. Ky (Adore)
2. Taro (Love)
3. Xeradonus (Love)
4. Marie (Love)
5. Freddy (Love)
6. Dustin (Love)
7. Sylvia (Love)
8. Daisuke (Love)
9. Billy (Love)
10. Gekkota (Neutral)
11. Leah (Neutral)
12. Lea (Neutral)
13. Zach (Neutral)
14. Juli (Dislike)
15. Tamara (Dislike)
16. Shaega (Dislike)
17. Luna (Hate)
18. Brandi (Hate)
19. Cordelia (Hate)
20. Cha'Telle (Loathe)

Reply SWSU-Master, March 27th, 2016, 10:14 pm

@Tailslover13: Heart Crushings are inevitible

Reply GaryHawkinsLandscaper, March 27th, 2016, 10:06 pm

I'm Just a Squid and Life Is a Nightmare For a character that was so impossible for me to tolerate the first time around, I think Juli deserved a lot better. Yes, she was bitchy as hell, but there's a bigger problem we have to adress with this character. Her standout characteristics were completely passed up over the constant whining that I grew to dislike so much in Dingo Canyon. Trust me, she really does have a more strategic side that was overshadowed this season.

But with that said... you need to read TJ's stories if you want the whole Julianna Inkson experience. When put with the wrong people (Dr. Mario, Dark Pit, Zoe from Littlest Pet Shop), she's a billion times worse than what you've all seen.

(Something I'm just now noticing- is Juli wearing eyeshadow? Like, a lot of it? I know that's her goggles, but... damn, I was right about her being emo.)


Incredible. Now we can add "delusional" to the growing list of things that are wrong with Brandi. Hard to believe this is the same person who started crying after voting off a transvestite.

I really hope that thing in the preview about throwing people under the bus is referring to Cordelia. I'd send a lot of points her way if that's the case. Even though Shaega's starting to grow on me a bit.



1. Shaega
2. Cordelia
3. Brandi
4. Marie
5. Gekkota
6. Daisuke

Reply Tailslover13, March 27th, 2016, 10:11 pm

@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: No bashing Zoe! Bad boy!

Reply GaryHawkinsLandscaper, March 27th, 2016, 10:14 pm

@Tailslover13: I didn't say anything bad about her. Just bad aura.

But seriously, you people need to see Angsty Teenage Juli in Dingo Canyon and all the people associated with her.

Reply TJBambi93, March 28th, 2016, 2:35 am

@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: She was one of the highlights of Dingo Canyon after all... and one of the surprising additions to Last Chances. But hey... in the polls it was between her and Erron for the final slot. She snuck in.

Let's see if people like her this time around. :P

EDIT: Also, that's not eyeshadow. It's how inkling eyes are. XD

Reply SWSU-Master, March 27th, 2016, 10:15 pm

@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: Well if there is a second shot, I'd be more than willing to have the improvements shown

Reply Congo, March 27th, 2016, 11:42 pm

@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: where's a good place to start on TJ's survivor series? from the beginning? there's like, 30+ seasons to look into. i got into sfc when there were only 7 seasons to catch up on.

also, now i'm curious to know why it's specifically "dr. mario", and not normal mario lol.

Reply TJBambi93, March 28th, 2016, 2:37 am

@Congo: I used three different Marios in my series. Normal, Doctor, and Metal.

Uhhh... well, if I had to reccommend, I would say probably Season 11 or 12. THe first 8 seasons were low in quality, and I am rewriting my first season to give it more of an edge. Plus Season 10 was cancelled at the merger because I wasn't happy with it. I do intend to finish that as well.... but of course, I'm a lazy SOB when it comes to re-writing. XD

Reply Congo, March 28th, 2016, 9:56 pm

@TJBambi93: alright! i'll check those out when i have the time.

also, i realized that multiple marios isn't actually that strange. in mario kart double dash, you can put mario and baby mario in the same kart. actually, it's still strange, but at least there's a canon precedent!

Reply GaryHawkinsLandscaper, March 28th, 2016, 10:40 am

@Congo: I started reading when Blood vs Water (Season 21) was coming to a close. I just skimmed through every other season on my own time.

There's a wiki for this series. You can check it out if you don't want to be a binger like me.

Reply Congo, March 28th, 2016, 10:20 pm

@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: i suppose i'll look into that season too. the wiki apparently has a bunch of spoilers, so i haven't checked it all that much. i may have clicked a few links before i realized that, though!

Reply TJBambi93 (Guest), March 29th, 2016, 8:04 am

@Congo: Yeah, I do apologize for all the spoilers! XD I just like to keep it all nice and tidy. Though I do think I should remove a few things on the front page...

Reply ChronoAlone, March 27th, 2016, 10:06 pm

I'm personally glad Gekkota's still in, but she's gonna be in trouble with Daisuke after this.

I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up trying to destroy the campsite and gets ejected. That probably won't happen, but it could, I guess.

Reply Joey the Badass Wheeler, March 27th, 2016, 10:12 pm

@ChronoAlone: That would actually be hilarious if it happened.

Reply SWSU-Master, March 27th, 2016, 10:16 pm

@ChronoAlone: Gekkota won't care though. She's in the majority

Reply JboyInc, March 27th, 2016, 10:06 pm

This is the first character that I've been genuinely sad to see go! In Gekkota's words, it truly was a fatality. I did see this one coming but she truly was an awesome character! Marie better make the most out of this second chance she just got, even though she may not be aware that she was a target.

Reply SWSU-Master, March 27th, 2016, 10:16 pm

@JboyInc: She's going to be stepping up her game yet again

Reply Joey the Badass Wheeler, March 27th, 2016, 10:08 pm

Too bad for Juli. Oh well, I liked her, but I still have a few others on this tribe I like more.

Reply SWSU-Master, March 27th, 2016, 10:16 pm

@Joey the Badass Wheeler: Lets hope they stay then

Reply Thorne (Guest), March 27th, 2016, 10:08 pm

Juli was pretty cool. Out of all the pre-merge boots of the season so far, she's the only one who really has any chance of being used again.
Wouldn't mind seeing more of her, but there really wasn't any place in the endgame for her.

Reply SWSU-Master, March 27th, 2016, 10:17 pm

@Thorne: That was pretty much why she went when she did.

Reply dat4yc, March 27th, 2016, 10:17 pm

Phew... I am sad that Juli had to go, but I'm very happy that they booted her over Marie since she is one of my favorites.

All in all, I think Juli is a really good character, and I liked her both in this comic and in TJ's Dingo Canyon story. But in both cases, there were other characters that I was rooting for more than her. Though from what SWSU said, we might see her again, which I am definitely all for!

As for next episode, I am very scared that one of my favorite characters is going to leave from either tribe. I feel like if Golgora loses, Daisuke or Marie will go home, but if Tortana loses, Dustin and Sylvia are targets... All I can hope for is that something happens to send Brandi home, because she is really the only one of this entire cast that I can't stand. Keep up the good work SWSU!

Taro > Ky > Marie > Shaega > Sylvia > Dustin > Daisuke > Zach > Gekkota > Leah > Cordelia > Tamara >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Brandi

Reply SWSU-Master, March 28th, 2016, 5:52 am

@dat4yc: I shall try my best to keep it up!

Reply qazox, March 27th, 2016, 10:18 pm

Bye annoying squid thing that can't handle water. Seriously Juli was a classic 'poor old me' cliche and good riddance.

Reply SWSU-Master, March 28th, 2016, 5:52 am

@qazox: Granted she did get stuck with a really weird initial tribe

Reply crazy fan (Guest), March 27th, 2016, 10:20 pm

The supers are dropping and it looks daisuke is gonna go super sayian on there ass

Reply SWSU-Master, March 28th, 2016, 5:53 am

@crazy fan: Going Super Saiyan eh? That'd be weird

Reply Congo, March 27th, 2016, 10:21 pm

i guess i should have realized that a plan from daisuke was going to fail! (getting gekkota out)

juli going home really is too bad. i was kinda hoping she'd get sort of a "redemption arc" where she gains a bit of respect from the others. i don't know how she'd do it, but i was hoping for it. i think most of the castaways saw her as a nuisance. she was kinda annoying and whiny at times, but i think i'd be up for juli 2.0 :)

marie calls the brandi/cordelia/shaega alliance the "crazy train"? doesn't have the same ring as bitches coven, to be honest.

brandi's "gosh, i don't know what marie's talking about! it's been nice and quiet!" must be infuriating if you're against her, but it's kinda funny as a viewer lol. i think i'm in the minority on that opinion. i have no idea how brandi's story ends, but an embarrassing blindside seems more and more likely.

Reply SWSU-Master, March 28th, 2016, 5:54 am

@Congo: Maybe Brandi's story ends with her winning

Reply Congo, March 28th, 2016, 9:50 pm

@SWSU-Master: brandi's edit doesn't really feel like a winner, but i guess i'll have to wait and see.

Reply anime9001, March 27th, 2016, 10:25 pm

The flags were so numerous in the tribal it was kinda comedic.

That being said, I'm not particularly going to miss Juli. Honestly, these two tribals worked out great for me, because we lost the 2 supers I liked the least this season. Perhaps Juli had other places she could have shined (and I would have liked to have seen her squid form), but this season has a largely likable cast, and there are others I'd like to see go MUCH less than Juli.

As for the next episode bits, it feels like it almost has to be Tamara or Taro (with oblivious Ky). I can't particularly see this happening to Golgora. I mean, it COULD. But unless Brandi goes blindside crazy or Cordelia does something stupid it doesn't seem likely.

Reply SWSU-Master, March 28th, 2016, 5:55 am

@anime9001: Golgora is crazy. Never underestimate them

Reply guesty (Guest), March 27th, 2016, 10:28 pm

THANK GOD. Nothing wrong with Juli, but Gekkota and Marie are more interesting.

Here's hoping Daisuke takes his train-wreck self, and crashes right in Brandi's game.
(It would fit the pattern of the boot order so far. 3 male normals, and 1 male super in the pre-swap, so 3 female supers and 1 female normal going in post-swap.)

Reply GaryHawkinsLandscaper, March 27th, 2016, 10:33 pm

@guesty: By that logic, it looks like Marie's going home next.

Reply Guest, March 27th, 2016, 10:44 pm

@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: I really feel like Brandi is a pre-merge villain, and with the merge coming up, its time for home for her to go. (Besides we have enough negative normal females that are a whole much more fun with Cordelia and Tamara.)

Reply SWSU-Master, March 28th, 2016, 5:56 am

@guesty: Thing to point out. I don't plan bootlists by Genders and tribes to keep them even.

Reply guesty (Guest), March 28th, 2016, 1:03 pm

Well, I guess I am looking to hard for things to find. Still think Brandi's next though.

Reply SkySurfer (Guest), March 28th, 2016, 12:57 am

I think that was the right decision. Without using her powers Juli was closer to the normals than the other supers so she had to compensate the lack of strength with strategy. She was likeable besides her lies about Gekkota's threat attempt but I think she wouldn't really have a plan b to advance after Gekkota's departure. I really hope she will make use of the time for a stronger comeback
Right now I'm glad Gekkota survived that vote but I also worry about Daisuke's sanity. Who apart from Marie will want to keep him instead of trying to get rid of an immunity threat pre-merge..?

Reply SWSU-Master, March 28th, 2016, 5:57 am

@SkySurfer: Outside of Marie, nobody likes Daisuke

Reply TJBambi93, March 28th, 2016, 2:26 am

Yeah, I kinda called it when Lea was voted off that Juli would be the next to go.

Honestly, when I submitted Juli I didn't care where she would be voted off, but I feel like she got treated a little unfairly here. Bullied almost by Gekkota. Gekkota threw her under the bus Day 1, and in the end she wins. Kind of a lame way to go out, if you ask me.

Of course, always free to use Juli if you want, SWSU. Maybe depending on how Last Chances goes, Juli may or may not be different after all? We'll just have to see what happens. :)

To anyone who liked miss Julianna, thank you. IF you didn't... well... let's just say if Gekkota left she probably would have been a lot better afterwards. XD

EDIT: Oh! Forgot about my usual contender rankings. XD

Daisuke > Gekkota > Marie > Brandi > Cordelia > Shaega

Tamara > Zach > Leah > Sylvia > Taro > Dustin > Ky

Reply SWSU-Master, March 28th, 2016, 5:57 am

@TJBambi93: Well the Gekkota/Juli thing was very much both of them throwing knives at each other, there was no clear victim. Both share some blame

Reply TJBambi93, March 28th, 2016, 6:03 am

@SWSU-Master: Yeah, that part is true. I've been wrong so many times this season. XD Thinking Lea will outlast Leah, thinking Juli will outlast Gekkota, Freddy making the merge, and of course, the purple rock last tribal. XD

Reply arv0908, March 28th, 2016, 4:34 am

Yes!!! Marie was saved. Thank you SWSU!! I couldn't have been any happier in these past two tribals.

I hope that next episode Daisuke finally learns that he isn't in summer camp to make friends.


and yeah I was kinda disappointed with Juli. She was all chaos with no strategic input. Yeah bye OTTN squid.

Reply SWSU-Master, March 28th, 2016, 5:58 am

@arv0908: She had her moments of strategy though

Reply Robolax7, March 28th, 2016, 7:00 am

And so we lose Juli.
Juli was an interesting character. i feel like she would have been more enjoyable if she'd outlasted Gekkota, but this stuff happens.
Oh, btw, how you enjoying the 50 Undertale character submissions you've probably received, SWSU?

Pokemon of the day: Lillipup
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As a normal type, it is only weak to fighting type attacks. That said, it is also immune to ghost attacks. So that's cool.
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At level 16, Lillipup evolves into Herdier, which evolves into Stoutland at level 32.

Holy shit the internet in Spain is terrible. haven't been able to read this comic until 12pm. Luckily, i'll be going back to my less shitty internet in a few days <3

Reply Sonofhades, March 28th, 2016, 9:01 am

So Juli is finally gone. I don't have any personal dislike for Juli as a character, but she seemingly existed to stir up trouble with the more likable tribe members. Now that she's gone, the tribe can focus on their true enemies: Cordelia and Brandi. Brandi's playing the the victim card won't help her at this point.

Reply Blastoise_FTW, March 28th, 2016, 9:44 am

So I guess it isn't Marie.. It was the Squid.

Goodbye and Good riddance, if she's actually worse in TJbambi's fanfiction like Gary Hogeboom claims... I doubt i'm going to read it. At least not the one Juli is in.

I'm kind of glad she's gone.. She had ONE funny line the whole season and the rest was either boring or annoying. I actually started to like GEKKOTA more than Juli these past two episodes.

Also, What is up with her Eyelids? Is that really her Goggles? I thought she put way too much Makeup on.

In other news: Brandi still sucks, Sheaga is still allied with her and I really couldn't begin to tell you why. I thought he was above her.. Did I mention Brandi is the worst?

Reply GaryHawkinsLandscaper, March 28th, 2016, 10:33 am

@Blastoise_FTW: It has more to do with the players she lives with. She's good when put in the right environment, but if she's with the wrong people, it looks kind of like this.

Reply TJBambi93 (Guest), March 28th, 2016, 11:06 am

@Blastoise_FTW: Yeah, Juli was actually pretty good from time to time. A lot more strategic in Dingo Canyon. Though when things weren't going her way, she threw hissy fits.

Reply Shyruni, March 28th, 2016, 10:46 am

Tis a shame, I didn't mind Juli like a lot of others, she played her part. The issue at this point is that now it's just Daisuke and Marie, both of which the opposite party could easily get rid of if they stick together (and if Daisuke doesn't keep winning challenges), which is a shame since I like them both. Was kind of hoping for a less obvious boot this round, but oh well.

Reply Pie31415, March 28th, 2016, 11:51 am

Aww, Juli .-. Well, she was fun while she lasted. Tbh I didn't expect her to last too long, she did get a bit bratty.

Reply spinfur, March 28th, 2016, 3:36 pm

juli wasn't my fav my it was fun seeing her and her antics in the past few episodes

I kinda knew that since Lea got voted off Gekkota wouldn't get the boot

I really hope to see Juli is second chances (With spinfur i hope ;) )

Reply anime9001, March 28th, 2016, 4:23 pm Second Chances coming soon or something? People are randomly mentioning it a lot all of a sudden. Did I miss a memo or something?

Also, just making sure, I'm assuming Second Chances is sorta like an All Stars where people coming back who left surprisingly early all come back for their own season? Since I'm unaccustomed to normal survivor, I'm not really sure, but that's what it sounds like.

Reply Blastoise_FTW, March 28th, 2016, 4:43 pm

@anime9001: In the real Surivor, they had a poll with a bunch of one time,non winner players. the Top 20 made it onto the season.

Keep in mind, real Survivor has a lot more returnee seasons (Most of them being a Mix of newbies and returnees, with only three seasons having all returnees) and winners come back often unlike this comic, where a Winner has never returned.

If SWSU were to do Second Chances, I think it should be like you described it, with only early boots (Like maybe.. Cassie, Slash, Uri)As SFC All Stars (Which had no returning Winners) was pretty much Second Chances already, just without the poll.

...Does that make sense? I've never been very good with words..

Reply anime9001, March 28th, 2016, 8:06 pm

@Blastoise_FTW: Yeah, that makes sense. I'd love to have a season that we got to vote the characters in. And one with winners. And to see a LOT of these characters again would make me very happy....

Reply TJBambi93, March 28th, 2016, 4:52 pm

@anime9001: It's the fact that SWSU mentioned that he wouldn't mind seeing Juli again. I doubt it's going to be anytime soon, but it's been awhile since the last All-Star/Second Chance season for SFC.

Reply anime9001, March 28th, 2016, 8:08 pm

@TJBambi93: Yeah, I was counting up the seasons and we have had 5 seasons (including this one) since the last All Stars. The last two happened after 5 and 4 seasons, so having one next season seems fairly likely. I've waited so long to see my favorite two characters again (Eli and Sasha)....I hope they're in the next All Stars so bad...

Reply Pie31415, March 28th, 2016, 9:40 pm

@anime9001: I'd love another returnees season, especially one with a poll.

Reply coolkyledude, March 28th, 2016, 7:17 pm

Yeah, nothing unexpected here, either. Which isn't a bad thing, necessarily, but I did like Juli. Oh well.


UNDER THE BUS: Please be Shaega please be Shaega please be Shaega

Could also be Tamara but I fucking hope not.


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