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SFC14 Day 33 Power Plays

July 6th, 2015, 9:57 pm

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Author's Comments:

Reply SWSU-Master, July 6th, 2015, 9:57 pm

Who will be going home? Amelia, Diego, Desmond or Liz?

User's Comments:

Reply ChronoAlone, July 6th, 2015, 10:00 pm

I've got a bad feeling about this. There's no way Amelia's going home at all tomorrow. It's going to be Liz. I just know it, and I hate it.

Reply qazox, July 6th, 2015, 10:15 pm

Odds of going home:

Amelia- 30%
Desmond- 30%
Liz- 20%
Diego- 5%

Unless Stagg gives up his idol.... in which case I think Desmond goes home.

Reply anime9001, July 6th, 2015, 10:38 pm



Jojo would have to be extremely dumb to vote with Amelia for several reasons this vote, most of which should already be clear to her.

I'm slightly leaning towards Liz leaving, but it could be Amelia as well. It can only be them two however.

Reply Vilecheese, July 6th, 2015, 10:58 pm

@anime9001: Pretty much this. If Jojo's smart Amelia leaves, if she isn't Liz is gone.

Reply sonofhades (Guest), July 7th, 2015, 2:02 am

@Vilecheese: So Liz is guaranteed to go, then.

Reply landis963, July 6th, 2015, 10:38 pm

Let's break it down here.

Desmond: Votes Amelia.
Amelia: Votes Desmond.
Stagg: Votes Liz
Diego: votes Liz

Liz and Jojo are a double swing vote, which is very, very dangerous in this environment.

If the twins vote Amelia: she's gone, no revote.

If the twins vote Diego: Tie between him and Liz.

If the twins vote Desmond: he's gone, no revote.

Stagg also has an idol, which, IIRC, he must play this tribal council or lose forever, and running the scenarios on that would take more space than I have here (despite most of them being "idol is irrelevant").

Regardless, it is fairly obvious that Liz and Jojo voting together will throw that carefully laid plan into disarray.

Reply coolkyledude, July 6th, 2015, 11:21 pm

At this point, I'm saying that Amelia's staying 100% so I can be pleasantly surprised if I'm wrong.

Anyway, here's how the votes seem to be falling:

Desmond: Amelia
Amelia: Desmond
Stagg: Liz
Diego: Liz
Liz: Diego or Amelia
Jojo: Desmond, Amelia or Diego

Liz is in trouble with two surefire votes against her, Amelia is going to survive despite three potential votes, Diego's leaving if the twins vote him, and I'd like to say Desmond looks safe.

Of course Stagg could ruin everything with his Idol, but this is what it looks like so far.

One last thing, why do people keep trying to blindside Liz just to not go through with it? Episode one, episode seven, the episode Liz won the IC, the episode Desmond used his Idol IIRC, and now now? It hasn't worked yet. Coincidentally, Diego's been a part of it every single time.

Reply SkySurfer (Guest), July 7th, 2015, 1:43 am

Stagg, you really disappoint me here... Doesn't he realize Liz is the best ally he can still have in the game? I can imagine I won't like tomorrow's result. I'd love to see Amelia or Desmond leave but it seems like boldness will be rewarded once more... I hate that

Reply sonofhades (Guest), July 7th, 2015, 2:01 am

JoJo's about to screw all this up if she doesn't vote for Hipster McBitchington like she needs to. That said, I still have high hopes that this works out.

Reply ChaoticCross, July 7th, 2015, 2:35 am

At first i saw Diego as nothing but a Wannabe villain. Now? I see him as someone i can and will root for. Also i feel things are NOT gonna go as planed fer anyone.

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