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SFC13 Day 39 FTC Jury Questions

November 17th, 2014, 7:19 pm

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Author's Comments:

Reply SWSU-Master, November 18th, 2014, 3:07 am

For better or worse... They've all had their say... now one thing left

User's Comments:

Reply SWSU-Master, November 18th, 2014, 3:10 am

Blame my internet

Reply TJBambi93 (Guest), November 18th, 2014, 3:40 am

Yeah, Jim still wins, lol.

Frost- Tapioca
Critic- No idea
Roth- Jim
Alleio- Jim
Sasha- Jim
Damon- No idea
Luna- No idea
Iyzebel- Jim
Orwell- Jim

Also, Frost is a bitter bitch. Just saying.

Reply Robolax7, November 18th, 2014, 3:59 am

It all comes down to this, will the jury vote for the underdog, or the mastermind... OK, let's face it, Jim still wins. If Autumn had continued to pretend, then she might have won, but the majority of the jury is against her now. so yeah. also, Frost, you're a c-nt. just saying.

Reply sonofhades (Guest), November 18th, 2014, 6:40 am

Yeah, Jim is still winning. Also, Frost is a bigger bitch than ever. Reminds me of why I hated her so much when she was in the game. That and the Mary Sue powers.

Reply That Guy (Guest), November 18th, 2014, 7:02 am

Well, Frost is being a bitch.

Also, it appears that this WON'T be unanimous. Oh well.

Reply AkumaTh, November 18th, 2014, 7:56 am

That's a sour note to leave for Frost. Then again, she was on the losing tribe, so the game didn't start for Purada until the merge.

And she probably read the minds of everyone and knew Jim was going to win.

Reply SkySirfer (Guest), November 18th, 2014, 8:48 am

Haha, I certainly loved Orwell's part and the Critic's choice of words. Frost on the other hand disgusted me, never thought she would be that close to Artemis when it comes to being a sore loser.

Yes, I think Tapioca's speech lowered her winning chances instead of raising them. I wouldn't count on it that every uncertain jury member will vote for her in the end because the ones who have already decided seem to be Jim votes. I'm really interested in the final results now

Reply anime9001, November 18th, 2014, 9:59 am

Well, that was certainly less of a grilling session than I was hoping for, especially for Tapioca. Oh well. I'm still fairly certain that Jim wins, but I've been wrong about so much this season (besides the super idol ;) ) that I'm not sure of anything anymore. Here's how I see the votes playing out though.

Frost- Tapioca
Critic- No entirely sure (I think Jim, because usually the "basic guy" cliche isn't put through so many trials in the season, they normally have a pretty easy game until 5th. Also, him making it to the finals instead of 5th sets him apart from the cliche as well)
Roth- Jim
Alleio- Winner, Alleio basically won on all fronts that he wanted to this season. His vote is going to be for who wins. (probably Jim)
Sasha- I think Jim, could be either way,
Damon- I think Jim, but could once again go either way.
Luna- Probably the winner, or the loser just to make the vote close if more people vote for Tapioca than I have given her credit for
Iyzebel- Jim
Orwell- Jim

Reply rac567 (Guest), November 18th, 2014, 10:57 am

Yeah, Autumn telling Sasha that you two are similar is not the best way to earn her vote.

Reply Vilecheese, November 18th, 2014, 10:57 am

Why are you trying to make this seem close?

Anyway glad you're okay after it took so long to update this. :)

Frost is horrible. Orwell owns.

Reply jdawg-likes-kaleidescopes, November 18th, 2014, 12:21 pm

Frost's speech was pretty harsh, but she's been a bitch all season so I don't get why everyone is complaining about her, it's not like this is different to what she was like before. Either way I still like her character lol.

Anyway this is how I think the votes will go

Frost - Tapioca (since she seems really hostile with Jim)
SC - Tapioca (deviated from her archetype more than Jim)
Roth - Jim (close allies in the game, obviously)
Alleio - Jim (he loves the Purada domination, but he'd love Jim's story of overcoming the odds)
Sasha - Jim (idk she just seems like she doesn't like Tapioca much)
Damon - Tapioca (seems to still accept her after her answer to his question, and they were close allies)
Iyzebel - Jim (hates Tapioca more)
Luna - Tapioca (they were allies)
Orwell - Jim (close allies, dislike Tapioca)

Jim wins 5-4 (I thought it would be a blowout but I don't think so anymore), with Izy being the swing vote. Although she hates both, I think her hatred of Tapioca had eclipsed Jim towards the end of the game.

Reply Fern111 (Guest), November 18th, 2014, 4:58 pm

Sasha-Tapioca (Tap's speech might have convinced her with the obvious bullshit but we'll see)
Iyzebel-No Idea.

I'm actually going AGAINST what everyone is saying and I'm gonna call Tapioca the winner.
I guess we'll see tommorrow but I have faith

Reply Guest, November 18th, 2014, 7:47 pm

Honestly if Tapioca was the winner, the edit would have shown something by now.

+Painted Summer as the victim, not Tapioca.
+No confessionals until now that Tapioca was faking it.
+Relationship between Luna/Tapioca not explored during the season.

Jim wins. If Tapioca wins, SWSU better explain himself for the terrible edit Tapioca got.

Reply anime9001, November 18th, 2014, 7:59 pm

Oh yeah, now that I think about it, the only interesting thing that's probably going to happen next comic is Jeff's amazing exit! um... I'm going with being beamed up or captured in a pokeball.....please let it be the second one XD

Reply PugLOver (Guest), November 18th, 2014, 9:10 pm

Jim wins. Frost is a bitch. Just like everyone else is saying.

Reply qazox, November 18th, 2014, 9:58 pm

6-3 Jim.

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