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SFC10 Day 1 Alliance of Titans

July 1st, 2012, 9:55 pm

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Author's Comments:

Reply SWSU-Master, July 1st, 2012, 10:00 pm

Well Minerva and Baxter are aligned.... for now. But even they know it wont last forever.

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User's Comments:

Reply Vilecheese, July 1st, 2012, 10:03 pm

Well I can't see this pact lasting too long at all.

Reply AkumaTh, July 1st, 2012, 10:04 pm

I think it's safe to say Team Vent is going to realize how easy their season was...

EDIT: They had a huge advantage in the merge and they failed. So imagine them going up against real All Stars.

Reply Lemia (Guest), July 1st, 2012, 10:09 pm

Yep, this alliance isn't going to last long at all. Though I hope it does last for at least a couple of episodes, especially since I can't shake off the sneaking feeling that Baxter's going to find himself on the outs if his tribe goes to Tribal Council.

Reply QJD, July 1st, 2012, 11:38 pm

"We're villains, that's what we do"

Cheesy as hell. Card carrying Villains are the absolute worst.

Reply SWSU-Master, July 2nd, 2012, 12:30 am

Vilecheese: Maybe not even to the merge.
AkumaTh: And no Russell to sabotage the other tribe.
Lemia: He better hope not.
QJD: Cheesy ftw

Reply SkySurfer (Guest), July 2nd, 2012, 1:40 am

Quad could have so needed a tribe like in the third panel but seriously, Sanza and Heinz would have been too awesome to begin with. I'm pretty sure Jeff has a tribe swap challenge ready anyway...
Baxter and Minerva was quite a predictable alliance, now there's just the question who plays it smarter. Montana managed to fool Baxter with her charms, can Minerva repeat this?

Reply Jett (Guest), July 2nd, 2012, 1:52 am

Wow. Thats cool :)
I'm excited to see Baxter & Minerva allignef but it was really funny when Chloe and Ryuia went to the wrong camp.

Reply StarOceanFan18 (Guest), July 2nd, 2012, 5:11 am

@QJD: Okay, seriously QJD, you are the most whiniest SFC commenter ever!

Reply Tinyhammer (Guest), July 2nd, 2012, 8:49 am

Yeah... Not a good start for Ryuia and Chloe right now...

Reply Luxarru (Guest), July 2nd, 2012, 10:03 am

Oh Dear Ryuia this is not promising

Reply emblem64 (Guest), July 2nd, 2012, 12:05 pm

I see that Baxter and Minerva has made a truce (for know anyway). All I'm wondering is how long will it last. Also if they go to tribal council first, Baxter (in my opinion) is going to be sent home unless they get another vote (either Miranda or Phil) to take out Kris, Miranda or Phil.

Reply Emblem64 (Guest), July 2nd, 2012, 12:07 pm


Do you think if Baxter's team loses that it is safe to say that either Baxter, Miranda (possibly) or Kris (most likely) is getting out? Can you also see Phil being one of the main protagonists or at least an underdog in this?

Reply VuvuZayla (Guest), July 2nd, 2012, 2:57 pm

I really want to know something How do I send an applicant for SFC 11 to SWSU? Because I have a character but I do not know how to send it if anyone knows post it in a comment here. Thank You to anyone who tells me

Reply Masteroftheives, July 2nd, 2012, 3:40 pm

CBD Weaponized? Well, it seems that Minerva and Baxter are teaming up based on the sole fact that they're both chronic backstabbers. I'm pretty sure that this is going to be one of most tightly-knit alliances and simultaneously one of the most fragile alliances ever, purely because there's a cutoff date.

Reply J (Guest), July 2nd, 2012, 8:48 pm

@VuvuZayla: you message SWSU-Master with an application and pic of the fan character :)

Reply VuvuZayla (Guest), July 3rd, 2012, 10:02 am

@J: Thank you! How do I message SWSU?

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