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SFC7 Day 37 2nd Immunity

February 5th, 2011, 10:51 pm

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Author's Comments:

Reply SWSU-Master, February 5th, 2011, 10:57 pm

And here you thought this Tribal Council was over. Jeff never told them to head back to camp.

But who will be going home? Dinah or Wrecker?

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User's Comments:

Reply cRaZyKiD (Guest), February 5th, 2011, 10:59 pm

What in the name of Pooper Mcgee?!
Phil is a chode!

Reply AkumaTh, February 5th, 2011, 11:03 pm

Dinah sees her final two alliance failed. Now let's see if that can give her an edge in the tie breaker.

Reply godmoderncommander, February 5th, 2011, 11:10 pm

*Still chanting for Ker to win but with jamaican music and dancing*


Reply deathisnear2, February 5th, 2011, 11:29 pm

Dinahs thought: Phil will die!

Reply SkylerJ, February 5th, 2011, 11:33 pm

Oh wow I like where this is going. I'm curious on who will stay and who will go. The next tribal council will be very interesting. Come on Dinah win it!

Reply Vilecheese, February 5th, 2011, 11:56 pm

Interesting twist... But again, it really brought the messages down harder: that Wrecker's social game sucks and he's going to lose because of it and blah. Please don't make this all too predictable...

To be fair, I WAS wondering why Jeff didn't say "you can go back to camp", though.

Reply KrayTX, February 5th, 2011, 11:59 pm

Hey there shitty shitty bang bang shitty shitty bang bang. Wrecekr's going and dinah and Ker team up :D.

Reply mydoctor93, February 6th, 2011, 1:03 am

Ker wins immunity again... hooray! Her chances of winning get higher and higher with every comic.

Reply SWSU-Master, February 6th, 2011, 1:16 am

cRaZyKiD: I actually had to look that word up.... ew.
AkumaTh: Or if this mistake will be her fatal one.
gmc: *Dances*
deathisnear: And "Oh you sonovabitch"
SkylerJ: Wrecker losing a fire challenge would be epic.
Vilecheese: Maybe Wrecker wont make the Finals.
KrayTX: If Dinah stays nobody knows who she'll be loyal too.
mydoctor: As more and more opponents drop out

Reply Chaun, February 6th, 2011, 1:21 am

Dinah be pissed.

I knew Ker would need to make it to the final immunity, It's the only way 80% of the pre-merge contestants would have anything said about them.

Reply SkySurfer (Guest), February 6th, 2011, 1:49 am

Wow, you never cease to amaze us. Actually, I wanna see Dinah voted out first but...

If she wins the tiebreaker, Phil probably won't live to see the sunrise. Then again, both midgets voted out the same day... This thought makes me smirk and it would be final justice for Quad. Sooo looking forward to the next comic!

Reply PhantomJames, February 6th, 2011, 2:11 am

unless some strange miracle happens, wrecker is stayin DX

Reply Djoing, February 6th, 2011, 4:54 am

hey my prediction is still possible.

...unlikely, but possible.

Reply touileasaso (Guest), February 6th, 2011, 5:55 am

I'm guessing that this is Dinah's time to go home because she didn't really have time to practice making fire, whereas Wrecker's already experienced. So I'm predicting bye-bye Dinah.

Reply KrayTX, February 6th, 2011, 5:58 am

Also, thanks for posting up the second part of the tutorial. One sprite sheet down. 15 to go...

Reply LordViking, February 6th, 2011, 6:50 am

I'm thinking a certain boyfriend isn't going to be happy once this season is aired.
Off course Ker would be the only one knowing Krauss' title, but her expression really shows her inner evil mastermind >:3

Reply LaMoop, February 6th, 2011, 7:36 am

Coco is his own character's boyfriend?
The hell?

Reply Chaun, February 6th, 2011, 9:03 am

Also, forgot to say who I think is going. I say Wrecker because Dinah being pissed at Phil in game will be way more entertaining then her being pissed at him out of game. Also Quad and Wrecker were destined to go back to back.

Reply SkylerJ, February 6th, 2011, 10:45 am

@LaMoop Dayumn!

Reply Tinyhammer (Guest), February 6th, 2011, 10:59 am

Ryuia has a boyfriend!? But she... And Ventious... And Chloe... Ugh... My dislike for Ryuia just gotten stronger.

As for growing hatred, Phil better hope that Dinah loses the tiebreaker...

Reply sylsbem, February 6th, 2011, 12:42 pm

Wait, doesn't Wrecker still get that penalty vote? It did say at all tribal councils right?

Reply Guest (Guest), February 6th, 2011, 1:12 pm

that rule only stands for every tribal council until the idol in question expires, the idol wrecker destroyed would have expired when there was a final four, so the penalty vote has now ended

Reply Draxo (Guest), February 6th, 2011, 3:22 pm

There are so many twists in here to even count. Now that the tiebreaker is in place, let's hope Dinah is skilled to whatever competes against Wrecker

Reply sabbo(e)ros, February 6th, 2011, 3:34 pm

So easy to call what will happen next.

Reply Darth AWQ, February 6th, 2011, 4:29 pm

@GMC *Joins you in the Dance and adds Limbo to the mix*

Hurrah For Ker! Boo for the rest!

Reply SWSU-Master, February 6th, 2011, 6:35 pm

Chaun: You had a good point.
SkySurfer: So its a win/win
PhantomJames: thankfully if he does stay there is one more elimination.
Djoing: NEver give up hope.
toul: It is looking like taht.
LordViking: I consider it more smug satisfaction.
LaMoop: Hey, that stuff happens.
Tinyhammer: Thats soooo true.
syls: What Guest Said.
Draxo: It'll be hard for her.
sabb: Then who is going?

Reply Daves (Guest), March 25th, 2019, 9:43 am

Well, Chrii did say "bang" 4 times, so technically, the two answers are tied up... nevermind.

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