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SFC18 Reunion Part 3
SFC18 Reunion Part 3

October 29th, 2019, 10:01 pm

SFC18 Reunion Questions

Alright, so we still have the Reunion to do, and in here you can submit questions for any of the SFC18 cast. And I'll do my best to ask as many as I can. I'll also make sure to keep the questions asked in the Finale Comic and Journal in mind for this, so they still count.

Ask away!

October 27th, 2019, 10:04 pm

SFC18 Notes

General Stuff
And so the season is over, we have our winner, and now I can talk about the things I was holding in for a lot of the season. Overall I’m happy with how the season came out. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and I respect that. For the Story of the season itself, I really wanted to test myself with a story where Defeat and Loss could be Rewarded, and Winning could be Losing. This is why many of the characters left the game smiling once they were eliminated. Nayla, Ethan, Deimos, Claire, Atlas, Ria, Clarissa, Frysk, Yessi (Granted her realization came later). Even though each one of them lost the game, they were able to overcome insecurities and issues they had for the entire season.
Meanwhile, for people like Lady Bit, Ernest, Kasai, and most importantly Shin. Their Hyperfocus on winning only spelled out doom. In Shin’s case, he was a case of “Win Survivor. Ruin the Rest of Your Life” So to Break the Cycle, he had to save himself and lose…. But I’ll get into that later when we get to Shin.
It was a little experiment I wanted to try, and while certain parts didn’t work as well as I’d like. As a whole. I’m very satisfied.

The Winner: E.T.
The First thing I wanted to do for a winner this season, would be to pick someone NOBODY would predict I’d pick. That person ended up obviously being E.T. The Alien Enthusiast. While the earliest drafts in the game had him as the runner up. Once the cheating storyline began to develop, it quickly made sense that he was going to win. (Which before anyone asks. This doesn’t mean Sagittaria/Shin were the winners. This person was an app I ended up not using.) Since the Very Very Early Version had him being taken down by Shin’s cheating by extension, but upon reflection…. Having that be his ending, didn’t feel right. And there was enough to his character that I felt confident in reworking him into the Winner.

E.T’s story was one that I like to call “Hidden in Plain Sight.” You may say he was completely irrelevant in the season, and was very UTR…. But in Reality. He was always one of the most visible players of the season. Only getting an UTR once in 14 episodes. But I knew I could do that, because E.T. is someone…. Very few people would actually think I’d allow to win… Which was the case. He was written off by nearly everyone for the first 10 Episodes, and stuck with Frysk in the “lol never winning” category. Until Mid Episode 13…. Which is the Latest I think a winner has ever been caught. Even I was surprised by how long it took. In fact, My first reaction to someone raising the possibility E.T. was winning was “FINALLY!!!!”

Now as for E.T’s story… I definitely did cover his entire game. It makes sense how people didn’t see his story since he was so easily overlooked as a joke character with no relevance in the endgame. But we started the game, and from Episode 1, he was already the core of his alliance. He Established himself with Shin/Claire, as well as forming a key alliance with Kitsunie/Nayla/Yessi. Three People who would be critical in his journey. There’s a reason the early episodes focused so much on that alliance despite half of that 4 person alliance being gone by Episode 4. Because it was needed for E.T’s winner story.
Speaking of “Needed for E.T.’s winner story.” I’ll just address the Elephant in the Room with the whole Kitsunie/Yessi thing. Did he Cross the Line? Yes. Was it Wrong? Yes. Did it Need to be Shown? Absolutely. That Incident is what started E.T’s entire story. All of the Growth he went through for not just him, but also everyone else he interacted with stemmed from that moment where he messed up, and began trying to make things right.

Which brings me to another point in his story. Why E.T. out of every single person this season? Why did he win? Simple. SFC18 was the season of Growth. The Winner was obviously going to be someone who had personal development through the season and lived to tell the tale. With E.T. however. His story was…. He was the person who helped OTHERS Develop as well. E.T. played a Key Role in Yessi Developing, in Frysk Developing, in Atlas Trying to Develop, in Shin Developing, and even had some small moments with Ernest…. And wouldn’t you know it? Those were all the votes he needed to win. He won not just because he changed, but he helped the others grow as well.

And while he didn’t play a perfect game. (Evidence by him originally losing badly to Shin in the Final 3). He was someone severely underestimated by both the audience and Readers. In the First Two Episodes, he was in a solid Majority. After the Swap went the worst way possible for him, he fought his way from the bottom, and by Episode 4, he wasn’t leaving had his team lost. Episode 5, yes he was in serious danger, but Ethan saved him. (Which btw. I knew I was going to have the winners pair be a premerger to throw people off even more) From then he was easily able to coast to the merge by staying out of the Ernest/Kasai conflict. And once in the Merge. He secured himself in the Majority and really only let go of his hold once or twice. He had the ability to use the bonds he created to create the alliance that would dominate the endgame. And even had a social game strong enough to where the Opposing Alliance didn’t want him to go to rocks, and thought they could flip him… Causing their Downfall. He was very much a Behind the Scenes Player, which fits with his personality and background. And if you aren’t paying attention to E.T. was easy to miss.

The Runner Ups: Sagittaria and Shin
I’ll start with the Official Runner up first with Sagittaria. And I’ll just say, she was really fun to write for. But as much fun as I had writing for her. Theres sometime that character where when I’m writing them I think. “They work, but I think the fans may only mildly like them.” And end up being blown away by how much the Fans Actually loved her. She brought a lot of funny moments, and her impulsive nature helped with the drama when there wasn’t any serious antagonist threatening things. Sagittaria as a character really worked way better than I ever imagined.

However despite this. I knew she had to be the Runner Up. Given from her story. There wasn’t much room for Growth with her, she was just awesome as she was and fine with it. So she had no desire to change. And while for a character. That’s perfectly fine. It didn’t fit for the winner story I was looking for this season, and once E.T. was decided on to be the winner. Sagittaria went from leaving where Ria left, to being the Runner up, since she was the perfect foil to him. Both in Personality and Gameplay. She was a very versatile player that could really play any role I needed to. And having a character with that level of flexibility was needed in this story, especially in the endgame. There really is not as much to say on her. Since Ria made it deep, so we saw a lot of context with her. And Sagittaria is an open book. Unlike E.T. who had his story operate behind the scenes. Sagittaria is clearly the type to play in front of everyone and show off. So you all know her story, without me explaining it.

Now for Shin, Arguably, if not Definitely the Main Character of the season. I knew I’d have to do things near perfectly with Shin to have him work out the way I wanted to. And after Clarissa’s character and arc. I think Shin’s story is easily my biggest home run of the season. Everything worked out the way I wanted it to.
I’ve toyed in my head the idea for a while now of… “We all say a season is rigged for Boston Rob, Cochran, or Ben. But what if there was actually Rigging going on blatantly as a Shadow Plot of the season?” And while I wouldn’t have Production involved in Cheating/Rigging. Having it take place between two castaways with unusual circumstances could work. And when the Past and Future Idea came to light. Shin and Kasai were the first pair locked in for good reason.

As I mentioned above, I really wanted to toy with the idea of “Winning the Game is The Worst Thing That Can Happen for Someone” So I created Shin and Kasai’s characters around that. Someone who’s life went downhill drastically due to winning the game. From there, the ideas of the Anxious/Perfectionist Shin, and the Cocky/Arrogant Kasai really developed into their own. Kasai especially was someone I knew from Day 1 where his story was going. For a Liar like him, keeping not just the other castaways, but the audience as well guessing and not knowing who he really is was part of his core. And for the Record. Kasai isn’t Crazy, He’s not a Psychopath in the traditional sense. The Insanity he showed in his later episodes was an act he was putting on. Since he was going to make himself the Big Bad for Shin to slay and become a threat….. Then he continues his plans on the Jury. One thing I didn’t mention in Kasai’s writeup when he was voted out was…. His story wasn’t done yet. I wanted to try the idea of a Posthumous Villain. A Villain who left early, but was able to control the game from the jury while their plan went on perfectly and unnoticed… and had it not been for Shin breaking the cycle and stopping him. Would have succeeded in…. while not a perfect win… But a Win.

I realize I’m talking a lot about Kasai here, but it was kinda needed given how heavily he and Shin were linked in the later part of the season. If you go back and Reread the season. There’s hints throughout the early episodes of what’s going on with Kasai, and Shin/Kasai giving context to the others actions. Like Shin mentioning he has a really good memory in Episode 2, should be a hint that Kasai had a memory like that too.

Anyway, back to Shin himself. His story was tricky because at his core…. He isn’t a bad kid, just one that’s driven by stress and the pressure he puts on himself, which can lead to him doing things he otherwise wouldn’t. He’s not exactly an angel either though, since especially in the endgame, he did have some moments of entitlement I wanted to highlight him showing in private. Plus once Kasai was gone, I had to make sure his story felt believable… but off. And it’s hard to explain, but I think I did it. Once Kasai left, Shin had the ideas for everything he needed to do to win. He was going to be on a march towards the finale as the Dominating Strategic Mastermind…. However. Shin is NOT the type to be a Dominating Strategic Mastermind. As we saw from Early Episodes, he’s an Introvert, someone who generally keeps to himself. So while he did rise up in the ranks. I wanted that Unnatural vibe to come from it, since his growth and story was all fake. He was going through the benefits of learning to play an aggressive and dominating game… without doing so. Which also explained why he was never overly visible in the Episodes leading up to the endgame. His Dominant Fake Game was in conflict with his Natural Personality.

As for the leadup to his big reveal. I wanted to keep it under wraps. There were hints in every episode, but I wanted them to be overlooked until the very end, and really once I wanted people to start catching on (Day 35) is when you all DID start catching on by and large and began putting the pieces together. And the Big Twist of the season was never going to be…. That Shin was cheating. That was something I expected you all to figure out. The Big Twist was him realizing the True Reasons for the Cheating in the end, and the catastrophic impact it’d have on his life. Him Pulling himself from the game after realizing that winning the game is not worth the price he’d pay from Following Kasai’s lie was not worth it. In addition, the fact that in the Finale, things became more and more obvious that he was cheating…. Yeah, that was just to make sure you all were on the same page, but also to explain how he could have broken in the end. After going through all that mental anguish, going against all of his morals just to get his win…. Only to find out he didn’t get it. Would have destroyed him like it did Kasai. His emotional state near the end, while not just a big hint about the cheating, but also there to explain how fragile he was at that point.

One last thing, on the Context of this season having the Winning and Losing Arc. The only thing that saved Shin from his Fate of becoming Kasai was Losing The Game. And E.T. won because he LOST The Final Immunity Challenge, letting Shin get his first victory and setting the wheels in motion. The Winner of the Final Immunity Challenge in All the Timelines Loses the game.

The Beta Draft
Wow, this a lot. Probably the most I’ve written for a Writeup…. Anyway, the stuff this season did have some beta elements. Mainly in the Merge. When I had the Early Draft without E.T. winning, and as I told earlier…. Nayla and Ernest being great, but last minute additions to the cast. The overall bootlist used to be (With the Cut Pair)

Premerge: Sprinkles, Lady Bit, Kitsunie, Cut Player 1, Ethan, Deimos, Nolaa.
Merge: 11. Claire, 10. Frysk, 9. Kasai, 8. Atlas, 7. Sagittaria, 6. Clarissa, 5. Ria, 4. Yessi
Final 3: 3rd. Shin 2nd. E.T. Winner. Cut Player 2.

The Big Changes in the season would have been
1. Frysk Obviously leaves much earlier as an Idol Out. The Fake Idol Storyline doesn’t happen, and is just kind of a Sacrifice Boot.
2. Sagittaria falls when Ria does in the same move in the real season.
3. As mentioned E.T. does not win in this Final 3, but that was quickly changed once I realized his winner story, and changing things up worked better. But as far as that…. That’s about it.

SFC19 and the Reunion Show
Also like I mentioned in the Finale Page… There WILL be a Reunion Mini Episode just like SFC17 in a little bit. I’m going to post another Journal in a day or two where you can post questions or things you want addressed in there. So expect that soonish… And I’ll see ya then with the pages!
And for SFC19. Sixteen New Players are going to have to deal with a Never Before Seen Twist in the game. The Details of that…. Will come later.

August 1st, 2018, 10:00 pm

SFC17 Reunion Show

So in this Journal. If you have something you'd like me to bring up at the reunion. Post it here!

If you commented with a question in the Finale Comic, you can either go ahead and copy it here, or not. I'll still check the Finale comic for Questions. But This will be the main submission area.

July 31st, 2018, 10:06 pm

SFC17 Notes

General Stuff
So the season is over and we have the winner. I gotta say this a very interesting season for me. One thing that I did feel a little off about 16 was… it felt almost too safe. Not that it was bad at all, but I wanted things to take some more risks this season, and while maybe not every twist worked out. With the number of things I experimented with. Not all would be winners. But enough were that I’m happy with the end result… and I would most likely put this season in my Overall Top 5 due to how happy I am with how everything came together and all of the happy little accidents along the way.

The Winner: Ollie
Yep. Ollie the Otter is the winner. Feels weird even writing that. But yes, he’s the winner. From Day 1 I knew that I wanted a certain type of winner. I wanted 1.) Someone that could be negative 2.) Someone who LOOKED Like Early Boot Fodder 3.) Someone who ACTED Like Early Boot Fodder. This was the season where the Joke character found their footing and won. But to do that I needed to ensure several things were done. They could not be a sympathetic underdog, and they needed to have an established period where their game was so poor. People would discount them from winning due to that.
I understand that one of the criticisms against Ollie is that he was inactive for the first 3.5 episodes, and while that is a valid complaint it was also…. Something I had to do. Since to have the story of the Joke Character winning, they need to be ESTABLISHED as a Joke Character. It was important that I show Ollie’s growth in a way that details what happened every step of the way. Which is why him, Jenny, and Amadeus’s character archetypes were the first ones cast for the season. Every single change that happened with Ollie to change his development. I needed to highlight that. From showing off the EX-Machina’s powers, To Jenny’s liking of him, to him getting zapped, to finally him getting the motivation to play to win. Every single step of Ollie’s Journey was shown. (And even as far back as Episode 4 I felt there were big signs that “OLLIE AND JENNY ARE GOING TO BE FINAL THREE!” But due to nobody considering Ollie at that point, his edit was just chalked up to an OTT2 and quickly moved onto the others.
Like I mentioned with Mele, Ollie was another character who could go from a silly side character to a story driver depending on what was needed. And like her, I had so much fun coming up with lines for him, since first thing to know about Ollie is he doesn’t give a shit. So he’ll say things that few others would say, and while obviously humor is subjective. I’ll get into this more at the end when I get into some more behind the scenes things. But Ollie’s personality REALLY Did make things interesting, and he is one of the shining stars of this season… Regardless of how you feel about him, he added a lot to this season. And for a winners story. I couldn’t be happier, ended up even better than I planned.

The Runner Ups: Jenny and Josh
So since I did Ollie, its only fitting that I do Jenny next… since honestly. This was her season. The story was basically told the entire time from her perspective. On the Journey through SFC17. Jenny was the lead character, and I honestly did not expect to find a character that fit what I was looking for so perfectly. When I was doing the initial planning for the season.
The Inventor character, which turned into Jenny was one of the characters who I assumed “Okay this is going to be an SWSU Character. There’s no way an app is going to check every single box I need.” But then…. I saw the App and it was absolutely perfect. When I said I really lucked out with the Apps this season… Jenny is one of the biggest examples why. But, I’m so glad I went with Jenny because the more I learned about her, the more began to make sense for the season as a whole, and I was easily able to start putting more pieces together.
I knew very early on how I wanted the story to end, partially due to the Blowback of SFC16, where once the Final Juror was voted off the winner was obvious and nothing was going to change…. So I made it a point for SFC17 to completely blow that out of the water. Now the thing with Jenny that I suspected, and was later proven right on… is she is such a well-designed character in personality, design and backstory that she would be SUCH An obvious winner pick, and sure enough. Even before the season started. People were already thinking Jenny was one to watch, so I knew she would be the perfect decoy, especially once the endgame came around and she would be the only “Viable Winner.”
And from the details I heard about Jenny from the app, as well as Akuma’s own words about her, the path she would take in the Final Tribal Council… in her mind to save herself, but in reality sealing her fate… was decided. In her fear of the jury not allowing villains to win, she shut herself off from all responsibility of her moves she made during the game… Thus dooming her in the exact opposite way that she envisioned. Since while she does have her villainous tendencies, she generally hid them well this season, and even when they came out… were not villainous in a way that would have cost her.
Clearly there might be some controversy about “Jenny only flopped so Ollie could win.” Which…. I mean kinda yeah. It was in the story from the start, so in a way everyone lost so that Ollie could win. Its just how these written seasons go, and its also not like there can be a bunch of foreshadowing that’s going to happen. Since if I threw in hints throughout the season that Jenny would bomb in the Final Vote and lie through her teeth… It would have been obvious she’d lose, and the decoy part of her edit would be destroyed. The only thing I could do was highlight her insecurities over being viewed as a villain in the context of the game, due to the stigma it carried with her. But Jenny was an amazing character, and someone who this season DRASTICALLY needed to work, and she delivered pretty much everything I could have asked for. Can’t say enough great things about her.

Then Finally the last of the Finalists, Josh. I know he’s controversial, but that’s not what I’m going to get into now. Josh was a very peculiar character to write for in that so much had already been established with him as a character before even applying to SFC, so there felt like… moreso than other characters there was much more attention needed to keep them in character. Since due to the situation with his owner. One of the last things I wanted was to butcher his character and become the bad guy. So while he had some controversial bits in his character. In my opinion it was better to let him be judged for what his creator established rather than what things I might try and add. And while this did work, it did come with its own challenges.
One of the things I now ask on the application is… “What is Off Limits for the character” And it was made very clear to me that Josh throughout the course of this season would not get over his issues concerning his self-esteem. There was no room for personal character growth in that regard, so for Josh, I found that he worked best bouncing off others. Whether it was Tony, Raiza, Mele, Parmesan or Ollie. His Dynamics with them and how their relationships did change throughout the season were when I felt he was at his best and could show development. Only when we started to reach the endgame did I see that his relationships begin to stagnate due to the status quot being established in the Final 7 round, and since the ability to tackle his self-worth issues were off the table, I decided to explore another aspect of him that’s very much there, and since we were heading to the endgame with Josh as a Finalist who came up short, it would be a way to Segway his story into an easily explained loss in the end.
Overally I do think that Josh is a good character with a well thought out backstory, however there were times that he seemed that he was too established and set, and being unable and unwilling to grow and evolve as a character. But the potential is there for some real growth, and further development. Since nobody or no character is ever truly static, nobody is destined to be a loser, but its up to Josh to find a way to change his fate, and I think that’s very doable.

The Beta Draft
So I did have some minor bootlist alterations (Such as switching Joy and Quickscope. And the 12th-9th placers) Most everything stayed the same. With the changes only coming to offer more character development for those that got more time in the spotlight that they put to good use.
The main change though is that…. Ollie, like the season 15 winner… was not originally the winner…. In fact he wasn’t even on the season. I went through all of the Apps once I figured an animatronic would be the best way to pull off a Joke Winner….. And on both dA and SJ I did not find a single one. So I basically accepted that I would need to make the Animatronic character for my 10th spot and made them…. And once the sheet was done… I talked to Minty (Ollie’s owner) on a whim, and mentioned this to him… and apparently he thought he sent in an app like that, but as luck would have…. This was the 1% of the time the note actually DIDN’T Send and never made it to my inbox. So He showed me the app, and like Jenny, it was a perfect fit. My character was scrapped, and Ollie was brought on board, and he NEVER had any idea that he sniped the winner position on a whim. Aside from a small rundown of the plan early in the game (The Inactive Killer Mode) which was “OK’d” easily. Things went on without a hitch. And compared to the person I had… Ollie is so much better than the concept of a character I had.

SFC18 and the Reunion Show
Like always, unsure about when SFC18 will debut, but I do have a concept in mind for it… whether it holds or not though will depend on how the casting goes, but if all goes well hopefully things should be rolling along on schedule with a brand new location to boot.
Also like I mentioned in the Finale Page… There WILL be a Reunion Mini Episode in a little bit. I’m going to post another Journal in a day or two where you can post questions or things you want addressed in there. So expect that soonish… And I’ll see ya then with the pages!

August 6th, 2017, 10:12 pm

SFC16 Notes!

General Stuff
Wow, that was a hard season to do. Not in terms of feedback, but as you saw with the challenges, I think this season takes the cake for highest quality in challenges. (I didn’t have the traditional Breath Holding Challenge). Blood vs Water, I think worked as a better alternative to Fans vs Canon. The format did have its own limitations, however in the end I am VERY Happy with how this season came out.

The Winner: Doris
With Blood vs Water as the theme, I knew that whoever was going to win would need to have a very good story connection with their loved one and have that play a significant part in their story, which is why that Final 9 vote with Brad sacrificing his game was such a pivotal moment for her and the story. It spared her from the looming threat of being in a power duo and also gave her the ability to act as her own.
I wanted Doris to be a believable player. From very early on she was a competent player and showed signs of how she would thrive in the endgame early on, and once she was on her own in Sarasa, it showed how she could operate alone and keep herself safe. However there were also the times where inexperience came into play such as Bonnie and the F11 situation, and that’s where it worked to show the teamwork with both her and Brad. Normally I don’t like to tie someone’s winner story to someone else, but in Blood vs Water, it was something that was needed. As they mentioned both of them had weaknesses the other could cover, and by the time Brad left, Doris was able to cover her faults on her own and thrive as a solo player in ways that he couldn’t.
When I was writing this season, I knew from the beginning I wanted one of the new players to take it, and due to several of them being early boots. The ones I did narrow it down to were coincidentally the last three loved ones in the game. Doris, Sierra and Bowser Jr. In the end, I felt Doris had the best story, since as I mentioned, the loved ones played a major role in the season, and Sierra/Junior both had strikes against them from the start. (Both with Sisters winning in SFC14, and the fact that I hadn’t had an applicant win Since SFC13.) And when examining the loved ones, which needed to play a role. Bradley also edged out Thorne and Bowser, so my choice was obvious, and fully stand by my decision here.

The Runner Up: Sierra
Wow, What a Roller Coaster she turned out to be huh? I’m not going to say that Sierra is Masterful game player, since she clearly did have her faults, hence why she didn’t win, however she isn’t a terrible player by any means. Since if Doris loses the Tiebreaker. She has Thorne, Brandi, Doris, and Brad’s votes. If Thorne uses her feminine charms on Angelo and gets his vote. Sierra is the winner of this season.
But back to the facts. Sierra was also someone I wanted to experiment with this season, since she had a troubled relationship with Thorne that was trying to do along with playing the game, and in the end, sticking by Thorne as much as she did ended up harming her game more than she likely thought possible.
Sierra is one of those players who did not handle the spotlight well, but since she came as a packaged deal with Thorne (At least to the others). She was always going to be the one people came to for votes, and no matter what she did every round she would have pissed someone off. Since her loyalties were completely divided. Her allies from her own game were on one side, while Thorne was on the other, and no matter who it is. It’s very unlikely for someone to pick a stranger you’ve known for a month over a family member. There were some scenario’s that were just a no win for her… Granted she could have played them much better, but it was still a rough hand for her, and she did shape the latter half of the game, despite her best efforts. I’ll be interested to see how the reaction to Sierra changes once this season has faded from the immediate forefront.

Third Place: Vinnie
Vinnie was one of the locks this season when I was coming up with everything, I felt that having him as a threepeater, along with his minor yet incredibly annoying daughter (Who would have always been out early) would have been a great play. I mentioned this with Bowser Jr. in his writeup, but with Vinnie, he and Junior were going to be close, a substituted mentor and student, one that Vinnie could see to the end this time, instead of facing a Med-Evac midseason like in SFC6. I feel that his appearance here was a great combination of his other two seasons. He had parts of both previous seasons appearances with him, but also having his softer side showing up from time to time.
This is not to say though that Vinnie is not without his faults. With how much of a legend he is in SFC, I did not want to have this season suddenly ignore all of his faults and make him into the perfect player. Vinnie does like to openly antagonize people, when he gets bored he gets abrasive. When he wins a battle, he likes to rub as much salt in the wound of whoever lost as possible. Now it’s fully possible to subdue those tendencies when you want, and as we saw, he did do that for much of the early part of the game, but after 3 weeks on the island, One starts to lose a façade they tried to play up, and for Vinnie, it unleased his antagonistic side, and was key in alienating votes like Damon and Angelo, and having Brandi vote for Sierra out of spite just to ensure that Vinnie gets 3rd place.
It might seem questionable to some that in Vinnie’s most likely final appearance (Since I don’t think I’ll do Fourpeats for anyone) he only ends up placing 3rd. But look at Vinnie throughout the season, especially early on. Vinnie’s goal was not to win, it was to never give up and make it to the end. He did that. He accomplished his goal. Vinnie doesn’t need the money. Even after Rosella left, it was all about proving to her, and others that he could make it to the end despite a lot being against him. And he did that.
The Beta Draft
From the beginning, not a lot changed from when I conceptualized the cast, since due to the BvW story, I knew 80% of my cast from Day 1. The only real exception was Tialayla and Riley. The “Young Dating Couple who went deep” That was the last pair to be cast. Initially I was considering casting some of the other earlier season players who I’ve yet to bring back. (Chaona and Betty for instance). However due to the fact that their seemingly don’t follow SFC anymore, it did not make as much sense to try and contact them for this spot, and use a more recent name.
As far as Bootlists go, there was some reshuffling I did end up doing. There was the initial “Who goes first. Damon or Angelo?” Where I eventually sided on Angelo, if only to give Damon some solo time, and not just with his partner. But also, the Final 3 Eliminations. Thorne, Riley and Junior were mixed up initially.

I had planned for after T left. Doris and Riley would have finally gotten Sierra and Thorne to Flip on Vinnie, and Junior, and Junior would have left in 6th place due to being a strong physical, and jury threat. Then Vinnie would play the Middle Man for the Two Pairs, and eventually side with Doris and Riley to split up Sierra and Thorne, leaving Thorne in 5th place. (Didn’t get as far as to justify why Thorne over Sierra in this case) Then Doris and Vinnie would betray Riley in 4th Place. However not only did this again leave a pair in until the last possible second, and leave the Final 5 round extremely predictable, but having Doris backstab Riley a day before she wins would have left a bitter taste in the mouth. (Almost like what Taro did to the others last season lol). So around the Episode 5 or 6 I realized it had to change and I made the changes to what we saw.
Barring any last minute mess ups with scheduling and other delays. I feel good about the progress I’m at for SFC17. I have a good portion of the plot figured out, a good number of archetypes I’ll be keeping in mind when I go through the applications, and a seasonal twist idea that I don’t think has been done before.
And I think that with the positive reception the Mushroom Kingdom received, We’ll be going somewhere else for this next season.

June 22nd, 2016, 10:02 pm

SFC15 Notes

General Stuff
Well, that’s SFC15, and it was a Roller Coaster. I personally like the end result of the season, and It doesn’t seem to be getting a harsh reaction so I’m glad about that, and while I’m not sure how it will age. It does seem that seasons where the comments are in heated discussion tend to age somewhat better than the ones that don’t. But we will have to wait and see won’t we?
The Winner (Part 1): Taro
One of the biggest complaints when it came to Taro’s winning story was near the end he really didn’t have a massive struggle and that the game seemed a little too easy. That he was never in a spot to show what he’s been bragging about. It’s like he didn’t have a winner story.
I can’t argue with that. People always ask me, if I’ve ever changed my winner midseason, and my answer has always been “No. The person I chose at the start, has always won in the end.” This season.... Is an Exception.
Taro was not supposed to be the Winner.
The Beta Draft
Do you remember in Episode 1, when I mentioned my fuckup with Cha’Telle? When I was deep in development, I had sent all of the confirmation notes and working on the final characters on my end for the cast, and I had someone who I had cast.... Drop out. Now this has only happened once before, but unlike last time when it was a premerge boot. This person... well.... There’s no easy way to say this. They were the winner. So I had all of the confirmation notes sent, most of the characters sprited, and a large delay from SFC14 I was already working on. I couldn’t go back and rewrite everything again. So from the Final six, I had to rearrange the bootlist.
First off, I knew that the story in general was something I really liked and did not want to start over on, so to keep it generally the same, I knew I’d need a low key winner that wouldn’t force me to rewrite everything. Then I had to look at the bootlist. I had Ky as the Fan Favorite Pre Finale Boot. Leah and Taro as Finale Boots. Shaega as the FTC Goat, Sylvia as the Finalist who was so close yet didn’t have what it takes, and then the winner. Of those, the choice was pretty easy on which would fit the low key winner the best.
The Winner (Part 2): Taro
Anyway, back to Taro. Initially I had planned for him to be the Final Juror, Kind of a Father Figure to the Tribe, which helped him survive elimination after elimination with his feeding strategy. (Which btw I had been toying with the chef character for a few seasons now). But once all of his allies were gone, there was no need for him anymore. He was much less strategic than he was in the Final Draft, one that would be fitting for an endgame juror.

So when I decided that Taro would be the winner, he was retooled to be a behind the scenes player, one who was able to stay out of the fray in the early stages where being any bit active was detrimental to your game. The in story reason for why Taro never faced any obstacles. He never let himself be put in positions like that. Which when there was so much stuff going on, it was easy to just not focus on his problems since there was already enough in the story, and he and Ky were there to lighten things up if they ever got too dark. Due to his change in role, the Ky and Taro dynamic was very last minute, but is probably the best thing to come from the change, so that’s a plus.

In the end, Taro generally stayed as the same person, he’s a social butterfly who loves making Sushi for others and offering advice and encouragement to others. Only in the final version, he was a bit more deceptive about it and used it to lowkey manipulate how the game was going.

The Runner Up: Dustin
If you paid attention to the Beta Draft, you probably noticed a lack of Dustin.... Yep. I mean I did flat out say in the Cast Release he was a last minute addition. I meant it. The Dynamic that was pointed out on Day 39 with the “Super that played like a Normal, Normal that played like a Super, and the Normal that became a super” Was something I wanted to use in the rewrite, but since I had to cast someone at the last minute. (And Dustin’s owner knew the situation) I needed to change the winner edit, into a FTC loser edit. Thankfully Dustin made that fairly easy.

I imagined Sylvia was portrayed fairly accurately, and predicted the audiences reaction to Dustin quite well. Dustin started off the game as a favorite with being the good willed Surfer Dude who just wanted to play a game and win. But as the game progressed and he needed to do more than just be a Chill Dude... that his ineptitude began turning off his allies and the audience. Overall Dustins character did not change, he did not become a dick at any time, or act intentionally malicious. He just made a BUNCH of dumb moves, and no amount of Immunities would have fixed that with the jury.
The Story
Now for the fun part of the story. While the general flow of the season was simple. Supers dominate early, fall apart, and the fans take control until they self-destruct on their own leading to the endgame we had. The Core Normals regaining control, but losing it in the Clutch to a Super.
But outside of that. The general pattern I wanted this season was A.) Not to let your emotions get the better of you, but still be able to use them to better yourself and make connections, and B.) Being Able to Understand people, whether it’s seeing deception, being able to form bonds outside of alliances, or being able to keep a group together. Like Koah Rong. Emotional Intelligence played a big role in this season. Those that showed it, had success in the game.

Well the Good News is, the Wait will likely not be as long. Unless something goes terribly wrong with the confirmation notes. Most of the brainstorming is set up, so that’s like 4 months cut off the wait time that was there for SFC15. As for a hint, there might be some familiar faces.

July 31st, 2015, 10:30 pm

SFC14 Notes

General Stuff
SFC14 has reached it’s conclusion. I have to say that I am happy with the results, and that I have seemingly broke the even season curse that’s plagued me for some time. With this season, I wanted to avoid the issues I’d have in the even seasons and do a sort of back to the basics season with minor game breaking and exceeding negativity. I was going for a more straightforward season with the Deserted being the biggest twist of the season.
To continue on the Deserted, it had been an idea in my head for a while now and I’m glad it worked out the way it did, but also glad that it ended at the merge since it had no purpose in the individual game. I’m glad that I was able to explore some of the twists that could come from it, so I’m happy with how the story played out.
The Winner: Liz
It took me a while to nail down a winner this season because there were a lot of good options. Originally I did consider using Thorne and her twin sister for Liz and Jojo’s role, but after going over Thorne’s app and trying to see how I’d play the season out. Had I had Thorne and her twin play the same as Liz and Jojo, the switches would have been much more convoluted with the different hairstyles, and Thorne would not open up like Liz would, so in the end I had to do some rearranging and find a way to keep Thorne in character in the season.
As a character herself, Liz was a fresh twist on the “Learning the Game as it goes on” Archetype, given that she came from an era before Survivor, I wanted to play around with someone playing the game with the Season 1 mindset, and while Liz never became a master strategist by any means, she was able to eventually grasp some of the nuances of the game.
The Runner Up: Jojo
When I was designing the sister dynamic, I knew I didn’t want the Good Twin/Bad Twin dynamic that we see a lot. I wanted each sister to have their own story where they could easily see the other as the villain, and depending on who you were you could either see things from Liz’s perspective, or Jojo’s. So while Liz was paranoid Jojo was confident, while Jojo was immature, Liz was mature and so on.
But to make Jojo the one that fell in the end to Liz, a trait that I needed to hammer home all season was her being lazy and mildly mean spirited, and while these weren’t really plotpoints at any time in the story until the Final Tribal Council, the signs were there and so when her issues were brought up in the finale they were valid. Not to say that Jojo is the bad twin at all, but in Survivor being paranoid and doing too much usually gets you more respect than someone who does too little, and that’s what it came down to in the Final Tribal Council.
The Story
I covered a bit of the story earlier on, but for the most part, outside of the Deserted and the Couples, I really did go for a more straightforward season, since doing a twist like Enter or Bonnie 2.0 could have made things go very south. There’s probably stuff I’m forgetting, so again if you have questions. Bring them up.
As I mentioned earlier, I am in a bit of a rut right now and not really able to focus on Survivor stuff, and if I rushed towards a decision I don’t think it would be my best, so I’m going to wait until I have an idea I’m confident in.

November 19th, 2014, 9:58 pm

SFC13 Notes

General Stuff
And SFC13 is officially done. And despite some minor difficulties in production. I feel it was one of my stronger season. Possibly in my Top 5, but that could just be recency bias. But regardless I do think it was a good season, and everything went according to plan and there were no unexpected reactions for the most part. I’d call it a success.

The Winner: Jim
When I was making this season I knew I wanted a more normal winner in comparison to the last few I had, and I also wanted them to be a big strategic player that actually won, and Jim seemed likable enough to pull that off. What I wanted with Jim were several things. I wanted to give him a good underdog story without making it seem forced. For that Alleio was a great answer since he was such a bastard to Jim and always sabotaging his game in the name of friendship, and thus giving Jim hurdles to overcome

But I also knew I would need Jim to fail at points since having him be assured victory in every challenge he faced would be problematic. So I made sure that Jim had several big hits (F13, F9, F6, F3) to go with his big wins (F12, F10, F5).

And to play up his youth, being the 2nd youngest SFC winner after all. He had a lot more innocence than a lot of the cast, with Very rarely, if at all swearing, and just being a nice optimist to contrast with some of the more negative characters he clashed with. And on the topic of clashing. When making the season, the thing that made me decide on Jim as a winner was something I learned from my other seasons. When you have a whole bunch of crazy people like we had in this season. There needs to be the straight man, the normal down to earth one, which I noticed that several of my past seasons were lacking. So Jim fit into that role perfectly, and held the season together very well.

The Runner Up: Tapioca/Autumn
For Tapioca, whether it was all just an act, or legit insanity as Orwell hinted… I’ll leave that as ambiguous as I can. But she had multiple roles in the story.
1. The Most Obvious one would be endgame doubt. At a certain point. It was going to be obvious Jim won. Unless he went up against Orwell, Iyzebel or Damon, and they wouldn’t make good FTC losers. So with Tapioca…. I intentionally played into the paranoia factor so that on Day 39 when the reveal happens. “Oh God. Please Tell me SWSU isn’t going to pull a bullshit last minute twist and have her as the winner!” Even if nobody fully believed it. (Which some did) I just wanted there to be that weird feeling that it COULD happen.
2. After some seasons of the Gag Characters that annoy people. I wanted there to be an intentionally unfunny “Funny” Character. And for the first part of the season she appeared to be just a weirdo. But by the midseason as expected. She started getting annoying. So that became a plot point of how she pissed everyone the hell off. All Culminating in what I was at least hoping was a fear that she would end up winning.
3. In Survivor Cast Assessments for the real show. Jeff talks about (For Crazy people) “If they get to the end, and can pull off the mask and say. I’m Really Super Smart, and I’ve been playing you. They can win” That’s bullshit, and I hope Tapioca proved why that will never happen.

The Story
With the Three Tribe Structure, I was able to give each tribe their own time to focus. Nonamye was the focus early on. Then Wakah in the middle, while Purada was the endgame tribe. With the main characters of each surviving their respective Tribe story/slaughter (Orwell, Sasha, Luna).

Another thing I decided to focus on was something I’d like to call the revolving door of villains. After SFC12 where the villains were all there at the start and just slowly got picked off. I wanted the villains to do their stuff, then pass the torch. Early on there was Arnold who despite not being villainous, was the antagonist for Nonamye. He left in Episode 5 just as the Critic and Alleio began picking up, and as they left. Iyzebel and Luna emerged for the final arc, and then Tapioca in the finale. I feel like none of the villains really did get stale... in terms of villainy. Character itself is a different story, but to each their own.

The Beta Draft
As I mentioned in Orwell’s writeup. His placement changed a lot, and changing it was the key reason the season turned out much better than initially planned. The entire endgame would have been entirely different. And not entirely for the better.

I’m further along on 14 now than I was for 13 at the end of SFC12. I have the Cast Decided and mostly sprited and the Confirmation notes sent already. It took me a while to get ready because I wasn’t going to start until I had a story and concept I was happy with. I am determined to beat the Even Season Curse!

But as to what to look forward to:
-18 Castaways with 16 new franchises
-One World
- A New Twist Never Seen On the Show.

March 5th, 2014, 10:30 pm

SFC12 Notes

General Stuff
Well that’s SFC12. Overally, I liked it. I don’t feel like it was a Top 3 season up to par with SFC3, 9, and 11, but I also think its far from the worst. I’d put in in the 5th to 7th range overall. There were aspects I liked, but other things that while I experimented didn’t turn out so well. Plus the fact that I had to pretty much start over from my initial concept hindered me a bit. But all in all. I’m satisfied.

The Winner: Lola
When casting this season I had two things in mind when I was going to select a winner. Either a Fan that hit all the notes I wanted for the endgame. Or a canon. Since SFC4 was a long time ago, I was toying with the idea of having a Canon win for a while now, and when I decided to have this season have the Fans vs Canon theme. Lola seemed to fit the bill perfectly, because she was not the canon that people would expect to take home the gold, and even if she was suspected (Like some of you did early on.) There would always be those moments of doubt that either came from her personality, position, or her status as a Canon.
Also I did want there to be that situation where the jury really doesn’t want to vote for anyone. Since I had Kim in the mix, I tried to show that she was heads and shoulders above everybody else when it came to strategy (From F6 onwards), and that the jury was ready to vote for her to win, but then when she gets taken out. You’re left with 3 people who really don’t have any moves behind them other than the final logical move to take out the mastermind. And in Survivor there isn’t that perfect winner who you want to vote for. This season I wanted the jury’s factor in deciding a winner to be “All of their games have major flaws. Who do we want to win more?” Which is why Lola and Spongebob were the top 2. They fit that perfectly. Terrible Gameplay, but nice people that the jury would be content voting for.
Runner Ups: Spongebob and Shelby
Since Spongebob placed 2nd I want to start with him first. He was one of those characters that, even though I could never explain why. I always thought he’d be fun to have in a Survivor Story, just because he was so…. Spongebobby. Nice, Innocent, but Naïve as heck. I’m REALLY happy with how things ended up with him, since early on nobody was excited for him, but by the end he was pretty popular.

Shelby on the other hand. Other than Uri, was the only fan to survive the beta draft, and coincidentally fit into the Final 3 here when in the prior version…. She did much worse. Very low key early on because I knew she would become a player once Kim’s opposition started leaving, and it worked very well into her “Lazy HBIC Kitty” personality, but also with that, it was clear that of all the fans other than maybe Yvonne, she would be the easiest one to lose in a jury vote, but at the same time, have her not be completely eliminated from contention because she has a solid strategy, and despite being UTR, it was explained WHY she was UTR for pretty much the entire premerge. Just didn’t win her any favors with the potential jurors.

The Story
With what I had for the endgame, there was one story that I knew would work well here. The Mastermind leading a herd of goats to the Finale, which as I explained with Kim, had issues from the start. Mainly that I needed the dominant alliance to be liked enough so that they didn’t become universally hated once they took out the opposition. While Kim was there for the endgame to control the votes from Cleo to Yvonne. Having her control the votes for the entire game wasn’t something that seemed right.

So to balance that, I needed a character that would take out the other power threats earlier (Phoenix, Foxxy, Eric etc) without Kim, but also be one that would eventually lose to the majority alliance in the end. Like him or not. That goal was accomplished. When Enter left, the Majority alliance was viewed very favorably. The last thing I wanted was for people to sympathize with Enter. Which is why the Early parts of the merge was so Black and White with the sides. It needed to be Good vs Evil almost for the endgame to work the way I wanted. But I will also admit there were times that I feel I did botch the execution of Enter. (Episode 8 mainly, possibly pushing the Merge back an Episode, and have Sharker be an early betrayal).

But yeah, those were the things I wanted to cover here. If there is anything else you want to ask/yell at me about. I’ll answer again (Now that the seasons over I can answer pretty much anything…. EXCEPT)

The Beta Draft
Yeah, The Beta for this season is hardly recognizable from what you saw. The only returning Players who were in this season were: (Uri: 17th, Shelby: 9th). Not going to reveal much else, but there are parts of the story I may keep for later seasons possibly.

I’ll be honest. Schools been kicking my ass, and along with battling a nasty bug I got the past 2 weeks. Expect the same general wait between what we had with 11 and 12. I have the basic story idea and several Cast members chosen. But that’s it. Spring break is coming in a few weeks so hopefully then I can get into gear and start working.

June 7th, 2013, 10:02 pm

SFC11 Notes

General Stuff
And that is SFC11 for ya. Personally one of my favorites to write for. May not Top 3 and 9, but it was still a very fun season where pretty much everything worked right. I’ve had an idea in my head to do a season like this for quite a while, and I think I found a way to perfectly execute it. There is so much to say that pretty much goes back to the very beginning, so let’s get started with some of the details.
The Winner: Angel
Before I get to the actual character Angel. Just so you guys know, Angel was the LAST character cast for this season, in fact I think she was submitted just before I started finalizing the story, so it’s never too late to send in Apps and have the character do well.
Onto Angel herself though, I had a good feeling on how the opinions on her would go from. Either the common everyday snarky girl, or the smug arrogant bitch. And to be honest both of them have some validity to them. Angel is not a super positive character, but she was what I needed this season as a winner. Much like what Paine said to Eli in the Final Tribal Council. I was ALWAYS building up for an Editing (Eli) vs Logic (Angel) climax, and while I did for a time consider Ms. Moonshine to be a prime contender to win for quite a while. Angel fit the role just a bit better, since I needed someone who wasn’t going to be as efficient in turning the game around, and less obvious of a winner as well. While Artemis I felt would have either been too unrealistic to keep in the game after the merge, or too obvious the later in the game she got. With Angel there was always that thing in her that was a bit off… Which brings me too.
I decided to run an Experiment with Angel this time to see what would work. Because for winners I had planned to be undiscovered until much later like Cherman and Jackie, only to be figured out by you guys *Clap Clap*By like Episode 4. I was wondering if there WAS Something subconscious I was doing when writing for the winner to give them that edge. So for the first half of the Series I wrote the season as if Artemis was winning, then later as if Whitney was the winner. I deliberately went out of my way to not write Angel as the winner, and rather as just another player. And….. It worked.
Another thing I wanted with Angel. I wanted her to be someone who won without doing much of anything. Yes I know that was a big criticism of her, but I wanted something different. (And something that would throw Eli off). Angel never had a winning move, and that was intentional, since pretty much every winner has had some big accomplishment that got them the win. But for Angel, I wanted her win to be as simple as “She has 4 friends on the jury”.

The Runner Up: Eli The Star of the season no doubt… And MAN I would have been boned if he was hated by the audience since he played a MAJOR Role this season. But like most things that went right he was widely accepted once the game started. Interestingly enough…. Eli wasn’t always a big character when I was designing the story. Remember those Survivor Season Redo’s I did? SFC11 was largely based off one I didn’t submit. Thankfully most of the characters in that season were bland and uninteresting, I was able to easily change characters to my liking. But in that original Story…. Eli was 12th Place and Crisco was the runner Up. Resulting from Crisco turning on his alliance who followed him blindly, then fooled Sunflower into joining him.
However that scenario was kinda cliché’d and overdone with how he got to the end. And one day while working, It just occurred to me that Eli had A LOT more potential than I was letting him show off in that story, and the rest is history…. Or SFC11.
But No matter how much I enjoyed Eli as a character. I could never have him win, since he essentially was a God-Modder, even with his spazzy personality messing him up quite a bit. I couldn’t have him win. So I needed to figure out who he would lose, to at least give him a proper downfall, and again Paine spilled it before I did. Editing vs Logic. Eli relied CONSTANTLY on the Editing powers more and more as the season went on, much so to a point where he would see Paine as CPP and Angel as MORM, and not see any of their jury connections, which as Logic would say, Angel had 4 easily, but edgically her edit was mediocre at best (It was pretty much Flat MOR’s constantly with a few UTR’s at the start, and 1-2 CP’s at the end). I will hold in my headcanon that had Eli taken Paine to the end he probably would have beaten him. However it ended up being that the Ability that brought him so much power, blinded a part of the game that he needed to see.

The 2nd Runner Up: Sunflower To be honest, most of what can be said about Sunflower has already been said, so I’ll keep this one as short as I can. I’ve noticed that around the merge, there seems to be a point of familiarity hit between the readers and some characters since the dynamics do tend to get…. Complacent (Since it’s been about 75 comics by that point). So with Sunflower I wanted someone who would still shake things up and go through several phases to keep certain characters guessing, going from Meek, Shy and hating the game, to Fighting for her friends only, to Playing for herself to advance. And she worked there too doing all of that. So while she was never going to win, or play a stellar game. She was a GREAT Pony to write for.

The Beta Draft
- As mentioned Angel/Artemis switching roles
- Eli leaving premerge, and Crisco CPN’ing it to the Finals.
- The Three Stooges Varied a lot in their placing. Figuring out who to cut was harder than expected.
- Bit of a minor thing, but swapping post mutiny colors so that only the Mutineers stayed on the same tribe. If only to make it so Casey wasn’t the only Mariano boot XD

As I mentioned before there will be a Delay for 12, so it is not going to be coming out in the near future, but HOPEFULLY by the Time Blood vs Water starts. But in that season, we should have:
- 20 Contestants
- No Redemption Island
- The Return of a Popular Twist

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